Program Enrollment: Parent Portal Setup               

Parent Portal Setup Access Path: Center Dashboard---> Setup---> Parent Portal

1Core provides two options for Parent Registration:


Option A: Parent can select a Program and submit the registration for a child. 


* With this option selected, parents will have the ability to select their desired program at the time of registration. 

* The Registration application will be available for processing under New Applications. 

Access Path: Center Dashboard---> Program Enrollment---->New Applications Tab--->Process.

* Program director will be able to process the same and will have an option to Offer Enrollment /place them on a Waitlist / Decline Registration.

* The Waitlist applications will be available under Waitlist Tab

* The Enrollment offered application will be available under Enrollment Offered Tab

* Once when they are enrolled, the record will be available under Enrolled Tab.

Option B: Parent can select the schedule and the Program Director will assign the Program for the child.

* With this option selected,parents will have the ability to select their desired schedule and submit a request.

* The Program Director will then review their request, process and can either Offer enrollment by assigning a program for the child (or) can place them under waitlist (or) Decline registration.

* After when the Director Submit the Enrollment Offer, the parent will receive an email to complete the registration Process.

1Core also provide an option for the Center Directors to Invite a parent to Enroll for any program offered by the School.

Access Path: Center Dashboard---> Program Enrollment--->Invite a Parent to Enroll.

* Director will add the family & Child information / Select a Program / Review and Submit the invitation for the parent.

* The Parent will receive an email to complete the enrollment process.

* Director will receive a confirmation email, once after when the parent complete the enrollment process.

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