1Core Attend Time Clock Role creation for Center:

The Owner or the Company Admin can create the Time clock Role as mentioned below.

Access Path: Company Dashboard-->Role Management--->Add New Role.

  • Create Timeclock Role.
  • Choose the Location as Single.
  • Once after creating the role, click Edit under Permission
  • Enable only the Time & Attendance tracking function and Save
  • Once enabled, the page will reload and the edit link will appear on the right, click on the Edit icon and enable the required functions
  • Enable the required reports under Center Reports tab.
  • Enable the required functions under Center Function tab










Time clock Username Creation:

The Time clock user can be created as mentioned below.

Access Path: Company DashboardàUsersàAdd New User

  • Create a Username, by completing all the required field.
  • Under Role, select Timeclock.
  • Under Location Assignment for Single Center, select the available location.
  • Once after when the User is created, the Owner or Company Admin can change the password anytime by editing the respective username.



For Multiple Center Location:

             Select the respective location under Location Assignment

          The Owner or Company Admin can create a timeclock user for every single location