Daily Health Screening – Setup:

1Core has now introduced a new feature “Daily Health Screening” with 1Core Class App.

The Health Screening feature for the Company will be enabled in the back end by 1Core Customer Support Users.

Once after when it is enabled, the Company Super User or the Company Admin will have the ability to do the rest of the setup as mentioned below. 

Access Path: Company Dashboard--->Setup--->Attendance--->Daily Health Screening Setup


  • Click Yes to enable Daily Health Screening Application


  • The system will display the Primary & Secondary Questions.
  •  To enable to the setup for Multi Centers, click on Select Center to enable Health Screen at the bottom.
  •  Select the Centers applicable and Save.


Once after when it is enabled for the centers, it can be configured under the Center Level Setup.

Access Path: Center Dashboard--->Setup--->Daily Health Screening Setup.



Follow the Access path and click Save to enable this question setup for the specific center.


Update the Questions as needed:

Health Screening – 1Core Class:


Please make sure to update the 1Core Class app to view the Health Screening Function.

  • Click Health Screening to record the Questionnaire for children



  • Display the Active Children who has a schedule on the selected Date.
  • The Small Icon on the left of the Circle around the child name indicates that the child has completed the health Screening questions.



  • When a staff select Yes to the Primary and Secondary Questions, the system will not allow them to Sign in that respective Child.



  • When a Staff selects No to the Primary and Secondary Questions then the system will display the Sign in Screen for the child




  • The Blue ring indicates the child is successfully signed in completing the health questions.



To view the completed Health Screening for a child:

Access Path: Center Dashboard--->Children--->Click on the Health Screen Icon on the right side of the child’s name.



  • The Icon displayed under Time-In and Time-Out indicates through which interface the child was signed in and signed out


Health Screening Reports:


The Center can generate the following reports regarding Daily Heath Screen.

  • Daily Health Screening Sheet
  • Daily Health Screening Log


Access Path: Center Dashboard--->Reports--->Daily Health Screening 



Daily Health Screening Sheet:

This report is used to enter the answers for the health screening questions to the children manually.

  • Using this sheet, the staff will be manually able to enter the answers for a child.


Daily Health Screening Log:

Can be used to generate the Health Screening log for any selected Time Period.

  • Child who completed the Screening will only be displayed in this report.
  • The Date / Time and the name of the User who answered the questions will be displayed in this report.