This user guide covers the setup and usage of attendance based automatic billing in 1Core. Attendance based billing is used by centers that charge the parents based on the child’s attendance.


The following are the five Attendance Based billing functions available in 1Core: 

1.Before Care: For example, you have a program from 9am to 3pm but parents can drop off their children any time after the school is opens at 7am. The parents are billed a standard program schedule based charge for 9am-3pm. However, if the child is dropped off prior to 9am, this function will calculate and bill for the additional hours of care as “Before Care.”

2.After Care: Similar to Before Care explained above, the function will calculate and bill for the additional hours of care after the Montessori program, e.g. any time after 3 p.m. as “After Care.”

3.Drop-in Care: For programs that offer the parents the option to drop off and pick up their child any time within the center opening and closing hours. This function will automatically calculate the number of hours or days a child uses drop-in care.

4.Early Drop-Off: If a child is dropped at the center ahead of the scheduled opening time, this function will calculate and charge extra for early drop-off at the center.

5.Late Pickup: If the child is picked up after the center scheduled closing time, this function will automatically charge the parents a late pickup fee.


Note: The Attendance-based billing is based on the child’s actual sign in/out record for the selected period. Therefore, in order to use attendance based automatic billing, the user must be using the 1Core Attend or Web based time and attendance tracking for child sign in/out.



Billing Configuration - Attendance Based Billing:

The Attendance-Based billing can be enabled as mentioned below.

Access Path: Company Dashboard--->Setup--->Billing Configuration Company Level--->Attendance Based

Note: Only Company Super User will be able to enable this functionality under the Company Level.



  • Choose all the Attendance Based Billings that are applicable for the Center 



  • For multi-Center Companies, the center-level billing configuration is maintained in a separate screen. 
  • For example, if the multi-Center Company offers drop-in care only with certain centers (not all the centers); the Admin user will have to enable the Drop-in Care at the Company level and then enable the same only for the centers wherever it is applicable.
  • The image below explains that the Non-schedule hours is not applicable for this center which is the reason why it is not checked. The User can enable this billing whenever it is required for the Center.




Setup Attendance Based Billing Items:

The next step is to setup relevant Attendance-Based billing items.

Access Path: Center Dashboard--->Setup--->Billing Item Setup--->Add New.




  • Select Tuition Charge.
  • Make sure the billing type is selected as “Attendance Based”.
  • Select the appropriate Fee type.
  • Select the Calculation Unit & enter the amount.
  • Select the appropriate G/L Account if applicable.
  • Save the Billing.







Assign Attendance Based Billing Item to Child Record:


In the Child Tuition section of the Child Information tab, assign each applicable child the appropriate billing item.


Access Path: Center Dashboard--->Children--->Program & Billing--->Automatic Recurring Billing



  • Click on Add New Recurring Billing.
  • Select the Billing Type as “Attendance Based”
  • Choose the desired Billing charge.
  • Provide a Start Date for the Billing, End date can be provided at the time of adding the billing or can be provided later.
  • Once when it is saved the User will be able to view the Billing added for the child under Automatic Recurring Billing.




Setup Automatic Recurring Billing Rule:

After all child records have the appropriate attendance based billing assigned, set up the automatic recurring billing rule(s). Automatic Recurring Billing Rules instruct 1Core on how to automatically calculate these attendance based billing.

Access Path: Center Dashboard--->Setup--->Billing--->Automatic Recurring Billing Rule--->Add New



  • Select Attendance Based for Billing Type
  • Select Yes for any Attendance Based billing that applies for the Center
  • Select the appropriate Fee Rule for the Billing that are set as “Yes”
  • The Billing Run method can be set as “Automatic” or “Review before Post”
  • When the billing method is set as “Automatic” then the system will post the charges automatically to the family’s ledger on the scheduled date.
  • When the billing method is set as “Review before Post” then the user has to review the charges on the scheduled date and then have to post it to the ledgers.

Note: With “Review before Post” the charges will not get posted until the User manually review and click Post.




Review and Manually Post Attendance Based Billing:


For Attendance Based Billing, 1Core recommends selecting “Review Before Post” in the Billing Run Method. Reviewing the calculated billings before they post to the Account Ledger allows any corrections before payments are run.



The recurring billing rule will then show in the “Review and Automatic Post” section.