What is The Purpose


This user guide explains the various features of the Online Forms module in 1Core.


The forms must be first setup in the backend by 1Core Admin User. Then parents can interact with the forms online via the Family Portal.


1Core has also created functions to help manage mandatory forms.

Note: If you do not see the Online Forms on the 1Core Company Dashboard, please contact Support@1coresolution.com to request the module be enabled for your center.



Online Forms Setup


Before you can take advantage of the Online Forms module, you must do the following setup:

· Forms Category Setup 

· Add New Forms


The Form Category is designed to help organize the online forms and determine if the forms are up loadable by parents or not.


Access Path: Company DashboardàOnline FormsàCategory SetupàAdd New Category

After you have setup the Form Category, you can now Add New Form.


When adding new form, you must select a form category. Depending on whether the form category is up loadable, you will have the choice of making the upload mandatory or not.

Following is a List of Forms Added:


Note: All the forms you added in the backend will appear to the parents in the Family Portal.


Family Portal Form Functions:


When parent’s login to the Family Portal, they will see the Forms option in the left panel. If they click on View, they will see all the online forms you added.


Parents can choose to upload a form by selecting the “Upload” link


Parents can view all the forms they uploaded when they click on the “Your Documents” link.


Parent Up loadable Forms:


This section explains how you can view and add to the parent up loadable forms.


Access Path: Center DashboardàFamiliesàOnline FormsàUpload Forms


Within each family record, you should see a “Online Forms” link.





When you click on the “Online Forms” link, you will see all the forms uploaded by the family.


We understand some families will not upload the forms online. Instead they might simply turn in the completed/signed form at the office. In this case, you can scan the completed form into PDF and upload the form for each family within 1Core.





Mandatory Forms Management:


1Core has developed the following two features to help with the management of mandatory forms needed from the parents.


Any form that is tagged as mandatory, it will be prominently displayed on the Parent Portal home page as shown below. Once the parent has uploaded the mandatory form, the alert will disappear.

The second feature to help manage mandatory forms is that you can view the status of mandatory forms from all parents and send out reminders as needed.


Access Path: Center DashboardàOnline FormsàMandatory Form Status



Click on the number of uploaded and not uploaded to view the status.


For the list of parents who haven’t uploaded the form, you can select to send them an email reminder.