1Core allows it's parents to have their own Authorized  Code for Sign in / Sign out their child to the Center.

The Authorized Id Code for both Sponsor and Co-Sponsor will automatically created when the family is added to 1Core.

The Admin User can find the Authorized person Id Code under Families.

Access Path: Center Dashboard--->Families--->Authorized Person

If the Family has additional contact who needs to be added as Authorized Person for their child, then the Admin User can add those family members by following the same Access path mentioned above and use the "Add New" button.

* Click on "Add New" / Enter the First and Last name, enter the relationship.

* The system will  automatically generate the Id Code.

For Multiple Child Family, if the Authorized Person is allowed to pick only one child and not the other one, then the Admin User can go and check the child name under " Not Authorized for these children "

The Admin User can make the Authorized person status Inactive anytime whenever required.

Note: A family can have any number of authorized person.

The Parent will be able to view the Authorized person Id code list in their Parent portal as follows.

Access path : Family--->Authorized Person

The Admin User will have the ability to generate a report for Authorized Person as follows.

Access Path: Center Dashboard--->Reports--->Id Code By Authorized Person