What is Card Swipe Payment (CSP)


1Core allows the center to accept one-time, in-person credit card payments from parents via card swipe. Unlike the online tuition payment which requires parents to setup a funding account, parents can use any credit card to pay via card swipe.  Card swipe payment will be posted to the family account ledger automatically. 


This user guide is only applicable for Card Connect Clients Only

Acquiring the Card Reader


In order to enable card swipe payment, you must first acquire the appropriate card reader according to which payment processor you have:


Note: The 1Core Card Swipe Payment solution is Point to Point Encrypted (P2PE) certified. Only the following readers from Card Connect are certified to be P2PE.


You can order from https://shop.cardconnect.com/ 

Note: You will need your Merchant ID (MID) to order the card reader from Card Connect.  


While both card readers will work, we recommend the IDTech SREDKey reader (on the right) as it is bigger and more stable to swipe. 




Request to Enable Card Swipe Payment


Once you have received the card reader from Card Connect, please email support@1coresolution.com to request to enable the Card Swipe Payment function in 1Core.  




Connecting the Card Reader

You can simply plug the card reader into a USB port on the computer.  The system should recognize the card reader and you are ready to process card swipe payment in 1Core.





Process Card Swipe Payment (within the Family Acct Ledger)

The main way to process card swipe payment is within the Family Account Ledger of a specific family.  On the upper right corner within a Family Account Ledger, when clicking the the Post Ledger Item drop-down, you will notice a Card Swipe Payment option.   Select the "Card Swipe Payment" option when you are ready to process card swipe payment for that family.



Process Card Swipe Payment via Online Payment Home Page


Another way you can select a parent to process card swipe payment from the Online Tuition Payment home page by clicking on the Process Card Swipe Payment.




After clicking on the Process Card Swipe Payment link, you will be prompted to select a family from the drop down list.


For the selected family, the system will propose the ledger balance as the default amount. You can accept that amount or change the amount before processing to swipe the parent’s credit card to process the payment. 


Once you click on “Ready to Swipe Card” button, system will show you a screen that it is ready for you to swipe the card:


A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated



You will see the name, last 4-digit of the credit card number and expiration date on the screen.  When ready, click the "Process Payment" button.






Payment Posted to Family Account Ledger


Once a card swipe payment is processed successfully, the transaction will post automatically to the Family Account Ledger with a description of “Card Swipe Payment.” as shown below:



Review Card Swipe Payment


You can review all your card swipe payment activities by clicking on the “Review CSP Payment Status” link on the online payment home page.