Online Tuition Payment (OTP)


1Core offers two online payment flow options to the parents.  

  • Tuition Auto Pay (TAP) - Parents enroll once and give authorization to the center to draft their account. This is the total hassle free option. 
  • Tuition Pay Direct (TPD) - Parents retain the control to setup recurring payment and make one-time payment as needed online.


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If you have chosen to offer both TAP and TPD options to the families, you will see the Online Tuition Payment function.

Access to Online Tuition Payment

When the Online Tuition Payment is enabled for your center, you will notice the Online Tuition Payment function on the left panel.





When you click on Online Tuition Payment, you will notice the TAP and TPD option on the Online Tuition Payment  Home page. 




To learn more details on how each option works, please visit


Tuition Auto Pay (TAP) user guide


Tuition Pay Direct (TPD) user guide