1 Introducing Crop option in photo upload – Child and Family Profile

Now, 1Core introduced a Crop option while uploading Child and Parent photo under child and family profile.

Access Path: Center Dashboard à Children à Select Child à Upload Image

Access Path: Center Dashboard à Families à Select Family à Upload Image

2 Child Record - Ability to delete the Emergency Contact/Authorized Pickup


Now, 1Core provides an option to delete the Emergency Contact/Authorized Pickup.

Access path: Center Dashboard à Children à Edit Child à Emergency Contact/Authorized Pickup

3 Child Schedule - New grid view

1Core provides the ability to display the schedule in a grid view. Schedule can be hidden or displayed by clicking the icon.

Access path: Center Dashboard à Children à Program & Billing 

4 Child Program & Billing - Provision to enter “Program End Date” for new programs


Now, 1Core provides the ability to enter the program end date when adding a new program in the child page 

Access path: Center Dashboard à Children à Program & Billing à New Program

5 Post Ledger - Posting Date and Child Name - default values


When the Director post a ledger by using “Post Ledger Item”, the current date and the child name will be displayed by default.

Access Path: Center Dashboard à Families à Select Family à Ledger à Post Ledger Item

Ability to select the number of records to view - Families, Children and Staff 

Now, 1Core introduces the feature to select the number of entries displayed in a Families, Children and Staff list page. The page will display 50 entries by default.




7 Batch Family/Child Status Update

Earlier, Active status family and child can be changed to Inactive only.

Now, 1Core introduced the option to change the status from Active to COVID-19 and vice versa. 

Access path: Center Dashboard à Functions à Family & Child à Batch Family/Child Status Update

8 Program Types Setup - Provision to collect FTE value

1Core provides the ability to collect the FTE value in Program Types Setup.

While adding / updating the Program, FTE value should be pre-populated in the respective field based on the Program Type.

Allow the user to update the 'FTE' value in the Program level also.

Access path: Center Dashboard à Setup à Program Enrollment àProgram Types 

9 Program Enrollment - Ability to send the “Enrollment Offer mail” to Parent 2


Earlier, the Director can send the Enrollment Offer to Parent #1 only.

Now, 1Core introduced the feature to select “Parent 1” or “Parent 2” to send the Enrollment Offer invitation.

Access path: Center Dashboard à Program Enrollment à Invite a Parent to Enroll 

10 Program Enrollment - Provision to view all the documents associated with the child 


1Core has now introduced a new section “Other Documents” Under the enrolled child tab.

All the documents signed by the parent for the child will be displayed in the enrolled program under the section "Other Documents" even though the signed program for a child is deleted.

Access Path: Center Dashboard à Program Enrollment à Enrolled 

11 Staff Record - Provision to view the Username 

Now, the “Username” for the Staff Portal can be viewed in the staff record.

Access path: Center Dashboard à Staff à Edit Staff