1Core has now provided a feature “Daily Health Screening”, where Parents can perform the Daily Heath Screen for their child before Signing them to the Center.


The Daily Health Screening document is available in the below link:


Daily Health Screening - 1Core Class App


1Core has introduced the below additional features in the Daily Health Screening


*  Child Attendance Notification to Parents in the Family App

*  Daily Health Screening at Sign In by Parent or Staff

*  Health Screening in 1Core Class


1Child Attendance Notification to Parents


When the Child Attendance Notification is enabled for a Company in System Admin, then the Notification will be sent to the parent every morning irrespective of “Daily Health Screening at Sign In by” setup.

2 Daily Health Screening at Sign In by Setup in 1Core Web



Now, 1Core introduces a new setup “Daily Health Screening at Sign In by” which provides three options as follows:





2.1 Daily Health Screening at Sign In by Staff



Classroom staff will be able to do the Health Screening through 1Core Class App only, if the “Daily Health Screening at Sign by” is enabled for Staff. Health Screening will not be displayed in 1Core Family and 1Core Attend.


Daily Health Screening through 1Core Class App can be completed as follows.

Once when the setup is enabled, the Staff/Director login to the 1Core Class app. 

Click Health Screen from the Menu

Click the child to Sign In

The Health Screen questions will pop up for the parents.

Based on the response provided, their child will either get Signed in or will be restricted from Signing in at the Center.


Note: Now, the system will allow the Staff/Director to answer the Health Screening Question for a child only once in a day.

The following options will display when you select the Dropdown “All”.


*All – This will display all the children from the below option

*Scheduled Children – This will display all the Scheduled Children

*Health Screen Pending and Signed In – This option will display the Children who are all signed in through various ways (1Core Attend, Web Sign in), and when Health Screening question is under Pending Status.

*Health Screen Done and Not Signed In – This option will display the children who completed the Health Screening but not Signed in at the Center.

*Health Screen Done and Signed In – This option will display the children who are all completed both Health Screen and Signed In

*Not Coming – This option will display the children who are not coming to the Center for the day.

2.2 Daily Health Screening at Sign in by Family


Parents will be able to do the Health Screening through their 1Core Family app and 1Core Attend app if the “Daily Health Screening at Sign by” is enabled for Family.

When this option “Sign by family” is enabled, then if the staff attempts to do Health Screening for a child in 1Core Class app then the message “Health Screening has not been done yet, Kindly inform the parents to complete the Health Screening” will be displayed.


Daily Health Screening through 1Core Family App can be completed as follows.

*  Once when the setup is enabled, the parent login to the 1Core Family app. 

Click on the QR Code Sign in located on the top right of the Home Screen.

Scan the QR Code available in the Center’s Tablet or from the printed version 

Click “Sign in “

The Health Screen questions will pop up for the parents.

Based on the response provided, their child will either get Signed in or will be restricted from Signing in at the Center.


Daily Health Screening through 1Core Attend App can be completed as follows.

* Once when the setup is enabled, the staff login to the 1Core Attend app.

* Enter the ID Code for the child by Parent

* Click “Sign in “

* The Health Screen questions will pop up for the parents.

* Based on the response provided, their child will either get Signed in or will be restricted from Signing in at the Center.

Once after when the parent completes the Health Screening and Sign in their child, the Classroom staff will be able to see the update in the 1Core Class App and the admin user will be able to view the answers recorded by the parents in the Web Interface.



2.3 Daily Health Screening at Sign in by Both


Both Staff and Parents will be able to do the Health Screening through 1Core Class, 1Core Family app and 1Core Attend app when the “Daily Health Screening at Sign by” is enabled for Both.

3 Health Screen – New Activity in 1Core Class


1Core introduces a new activity “Health Screen” for 1Core Class. It is like Nap, Diaper etc.


If the child is already Signed In without health screening, then the health screen for the child can be completed by clicking the “Health Screen” activity.