If your center has divorced families where both parents of a child is paying for the child tuition and they would like to keep their finances separate, then the "Multiple" Ledger selection can be used.










Ledger Type Selection

When you have enabled ledger to be multi-ledger, you will notice a Sponsor and Co-sponsor in the drop-down in the following places:



Add New Program Billing in the Child Record - You can setup Tuition Amounts when adding a New Program in the Child Record to Sponsor and or Co-Sponsor separately.






Ledger Posting Screen - When you Post Ledger Items for a family, you can select which ledger to post. 






The Family Account Ledger Screen- There is a filter to view the ledger items by ledger type. By default, system will show all ledger items. You can filter the view to show only Sponsor or Co-Sponsor items only.








Family Account Statement


When generating Family Account Statement, if a family is single ledger, all transactions will be shown within the same ledger under Sponsor.


However, when you have a multi-ledger family, the system will automatically generate a separate statement for Sponsor and Co-Sponsor.





An account statement is generated for Sponsor





A separate Account Statement is generated for Co-Sponsor






Online Tuition Payment and Family Portal with Multi Ledger



The multi-ledger function has the following impact on the 1Core Online Tuition Payment solution.


Each online payment funding account is associated with a family account ledger.


In a typical Single Ledger family, the parents can enroll with one funding account. Whichever parent logs in and enrolls in the online tuition payment first gets to choose the funding account to use. The second parent can only edit and change the funding account to another one if needed.


However, in a Multiple-Ledger family, there are TWO ledgers and Family Portals setup per Family. In that case, Sponsor and Co-sponsor can choose to setup different funding account for each ledger. They can separately update information and make payments without each other seeing, however, all of the info will be shown in the Family Account in 1Core that the Director or Owner would see.  





Making Payments for Alternate weeks


Payors can make payments for alternate weeks when the Ledger Type in the Recurring Billing section is set as ‘Alternate Sponsor/Co-sponsor’. This option is available only for families with Ledger Type ‘Multiple’ and ‘Program Schedule Based’ billing .


The billing items with this ‘Alternate Sponsor/Co-Sponsor’ ledger type option will be  posted to the Sponsor and Co-sponsor ledger in alternate weeks so, the payors can make payment for the alternate week when the billing item is posted to their ledgers.



Access Path: Center Dashboard à Children à Child’s Program & Billing à Recurring Billing  à Edit Recurring Billing