1. Introduction

1Core introduces the following additional features with the “Family App”.

  • Parents - Self Sign Up using Family App 
  • Ability to associate centers across companies (Multiple Schools)
  • Ability for Parent to add Authorized Person
  • Authorized Person - Add/Edit/Invite/Revoke 
  • Child Attendance Reminder notification in Dashboard
  • Immunization Notification for Parents

2. Parents - Self Sign Up using Family App

Parent can sign up (create Family portal Account) directly through the “1Core Family App” instead of getting an Invitation from the School Director. 

The process for Self-Sign Up is as follows:

3. Ability to Associate Centers Across Companies

Now, 1Core introduces the new feature in the Family App where parents with same email address have the ability to select Centers and switch from one to center to another center whenever required.

4. Ability for Parent to add Authorized Person 

Now, the Parent will be able to add a new Authorized Person for their child.

5. Authorized Person– Invite/Edit /Revoke options

Now, 1Core introduces the following options for Authorized Persons.

Invite    àParents can invite the Authorized Person to register for the family app to pick up their child.

Edit      àTo edit the existing Authorized Person details

RevokeàTo revoke the Authorized Person permission

Note: Authorized Person can also complete the registration by using the “Sign Up Now” option.

6. Child Attendance Notification in Dashboard


Now, Parent can see the Child Attendance Notification in Dashboard.

Parent can also disable the notification in the Notification Settings.

7. Immunization Notification to Parents

Now, 1Core introduces the Immunization Notification in Family App.

To enable the medical expiration for the center please email to “”. Up on the enabling the Medication Expiration a notification will be sent to the parent. In order to receive the expiration notification, parents have to enable the same under the settings tab in the Family App.