This user guide is intended for the users who use 1Core to capture their staff time sheet data for hourly payroll and use ADP as your payroll service provider. If so, you can request the 1Core team to enable the ADP Payroll Report which allows you to upload your periodic payroll file directly to ADP.


Before the 1Core team can configure this feature in 1Core for your company, you must provide us with the following 2 pieces of information required in the ADP Payroll Report:

  • ADP Co Code
  • ADP Batch ID


Next you must update each staff record in 1Core to capture the ADP Employee ID within the Staff ID field:

The three pieces of data will automatically be included on the ADP Payroll Report.

After the above set up is done, you can now access the ADP Payroll Report with the path below:


Under Company Dashboard --> Report

Select Multi-Location Reports


Select Report Category for “Others”

Select “ADP Payroll Report”

Enter the pay period you would like the 1Core system to generate the ADP Payroll Report.


After you click “Submit”, the system will download a payroll file for the selected period.  You can open the file in Excel.

Once you have reviewed the ADP Payroll Report and deemed that it is accurate, you can choose to upload the file to ADP.