After creating subscriptions, the next step is to enroll children in the program. Enrolling a child can be done in two ways either you can enroll a child manually or the parent can enroll their child through their parent portal. 


 Add New Enrollment

You can add a child from an existing family to a classroom subscription pack by clicking the 'Add Enrollment' button (from the upper right corner) from the Learn@Home home page.

Access Path: Center Dashboard > Learn@Home > Add New Enrollment

Click the 'Add New Enrollment' button to access the Add New Enrollment page.

By using the  'Add New Enrollment' page, you can select the family, child, age group, start date, and time zone information.


Clicking the 'Next' button will display the 'Choose Subscriptions' and 'Choose Classes' section.

View the Enrollment

You can view the enrolled children list using the following methods,

  • Subscription list
  • Scheduled Classes list

Subscription List:

You can view the list of children enrolled in different classes by using the 'Filter by' option under the 'Current Enrollment' section on the Learn@Home home page.

Access Path: Center Dashboard > Learn@Home > Current Enrollment

'Filter by' consists of four different types of filters, 

  1. Current Enrollment: Displays the currently enrolled children.
  2. Incoming Enrollment: Displays the children who are all enrolled for the future date.
  3. Completed Enrollment: Displays the children who are all completed their enrollment.
  4. Deleted: Displays the children list whose enrollments are deleted.

Scheduled Classes List:

You can view the scheduled classes list on the 'Scheduled Classes' section present on the Learn@Home home page.

The classes will be listed based on the status of the job. There are four such categorizations of jobs present.

  1. Scheduled: Denotes the classes scheduled for the day.
  2. Completed: Denotes the classes which are all completed successfully on the day.
  3. Expired: Denotes the classes which are all not initiated at the scheduled time by the host due to various reasons.
  4. No class: Denotes the classes overlapped with other classes. This scenario occurs when the center holds only one Zoom license to stream the virtual class and had scheduled simultaneous classes. In this case, the class which scheduled first will stream at the scheduled time and the rest will be given the 'No Class' status. 

Note: Purchasing additional Zoom licenses will clear the 'No Class' issue. To buy additional licenses, contact us at 'support@1coresolution.com'

 Edit an enrollment

You can edit children's enrollment information using the 'Edit' option

Access Path: Center Dashboard > Learn@Home > Current Enrollment > Edit

Click the 'Edit' icon to view the Enrollment Info page.

Move participants

You can move participants manually from one class to another on a specified date.

To move a participant from one class to another, click a scheduled class from the 'Scheduled Classes' list from the Learn@Home home page and go to the 'Class Details' page.

Access Path: Center Dashboard > Learn@Home > Scheduled Classes > Class Details    

By clicking the 'Move Participants' button, you can select the participant, date, and available classes. 

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