You can manage the virtual classes using the 'Class Details' page. 'Class Details' page offers you the options to 'Send Family Portal Invitation' to the parents, start a scheduled class, and view the 'Attendance' of the completed classes.

To access the 'Class Details' page, select a scheduled class from the 'Scheduled Classes' list on the Learn@Home home page.

Access Path: Center Dashboard > Learn@Home > Scheduled class 

 Invite the parents

After the enrollment, you can send an invite to the parents who are all not enrolled in the existing 1Core Families portal by using the 'Send Family Portal Invitation' icon present on the 'Class Details' page.

Upon receiving this invite, parents can register themselves to the 1Core families portal.

Host the Classes

You can host a class by clicking the 'Start' button. 'Start' button will appear on the 'Class Details' page at the scheduled time.


View Attendance

After the completion of the virtual class, you can view the attendance list and download the video of the completed virtual class from the 'Class Details' page.

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