You can cancel a scheduled class using the 'Cancel Class' button from the Class Details page.

After you select the ‘Cancel Class’ button, you will be directed to the next page where you can able to mention the reason for the cancellation of the class, then select the 'Cancel Class' button. 

The entered reason will be featured in the cancellation mail.

There is a provision to send an email to the participants about the cancellation of the class.

After you have selected the 'Cancel button', you will be directed to the next page from where you can select your preference to send an email to participants.


The Participants email list will be based on the Parent's email preference. 

At the ‘Compose Email’ stage, you can enter the subject and body of the email. The reason that you have entered in the ‘Reason for Cancellation’ will be automatically featured in the body of the email.