You can set up a Camp/Event by using the Camp module present in 1Core. The billing functions of Camp / Event are integrated with the Family Accounting. 

You can access the camp/event in two ways,

1. From the Camp module, 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Camp > Setup > Camp/Event 

2. From the Setup

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Setup > Camp/Event > Camp/Event

Selecting the 'Camp / Event ' option (from either the Camp or Setup module) will take you to the camp/event setup page. 

From the 'Camp/Event Setup' page, select the 'Add New Camp/Event' option in the upper right corner to add a new camp or event.

After selecting the 'Add New Camp/Event' button, you need to fill out the details of the Camp/Event. 

Program Setup

The first section in the Camp/Event Setup details page is 'Program Setup'.

Note : If you have created any 'Tags' before the creating the camp/event, you will see an option labeled 'Select Tags Want to Assign to this Camp' below the Camp/Event Type drop-down. Otherwise you won't see the 'Tags' option.

Camp / Event Type:

To choose the type of camp or event you are setting up, select an option from the 'Camp/Event Type' drop-down list. There are five default options available in the drop-down menu to choose from."

Registration Type: 

There are two types of registration options available for parents to enroll in a Camp/Event. 

Self Registration: 

Parents have the option to directly enroll in a camp or event without the approval of the center director. The payment for the camp or event will be deducted at the end of your registration and seat allocation will be carried out automatically, without the intervention of the center/camp director. 

Director Authorized:

Parents can fill out the registration form online, and the center/camp director will review and approve it. Payment and seat allocation will occur only after the center/camp director processes the registration request. 

Early Bird Discount

The Early Bird Discount is offered to those who enroll early in the camp/event. With this discount, you can set a cut-off date to benefit.

Multi-Session Discount:

The Multi-Session Discount is a discount offered to children who are enrolled in multiple sessions of a camp or event." 

There are two types of multi-session discount options available,

1. Same Discount for Each Session: With this option, all sessions in a camp or event will receive the same discount 

2.Different Discount for Each Session: With this option, you can set custom discounts for each session in a camp or event. These discounts can only be configured after the successful creation of the program 

You can also establish a minimum number of sessions that must be attended in order to be eligible for the Multi-Session Discount.


After creating the camp program, you can configure the 'Different Discount for Each Session'. To create this discount, you need to have more sessions than the set minimum number of session criteria. (For example, according to the above image, you need to have more than one session to apply the 'Different Discount for Each Session Discount Method). 

After selecting the total number of sessions in the program (camp/event), you will be directed to the Multi-Session Discount Custom Setup page. 

The Regular Session Discount is a discount offered for each full session. 

The Short Session Discount is offered for sessions marked as short sessions. Generally, short sessions are half-day programs or programs with a shorter duration. You can mark a session as a short session on the 'Session Setup' page.

Select the 'Save' button to save the multi-session discount. 

You can mark a session short session only if you had configured the multi-session discount with the Different Discount For Different Session option. If not 'Is Short Session?' option will not be visible for you on the 'Session Setup' page.

Sibling Discount:

Sibling Discount is the type of discount offered to a child if their sibling had already enrolled in the same camp/event.

This discount is only offered from the second child of the family, the child who registered first will not get this sibling discount. 

 Full Payment Discount:

This discount is offered to those parents who pay the full total billing at the registration. 

Add- On Sessions and Policies:


You can create multiple add-on sessions to the camp once the camp has been successfully created.

Select the 'Save' button to save the camp/event.

Camp Settings :

After setting the Camp/Event, you can configure the child settings and payment account collection/store consent using the 'Camp Settings' option.