There are two types of registration process present. 

1. Director Authorized

2. Self Registration

While setting up the Camp/Event, you can configure that as either Director Authorized or Self Registration. 

Self Registration: 

Parents can directly enroll in the Camp/Event without the center director's approval. The payment will be deducted at the end of the parent's registration and seat allotment will be carried out automatically, all without the intervention of the center/camp director.

Director Authorized:

Parents can fill out the registration form online and that registration will be sent to the center/camp director's approval. Payment and seat allotment will happen only after the center director processes the registration request.

To process a registration request, visit the 'Process Camp Registration' page.


Access Path: Center Dashboard > Camp

Select the Camp/Event from the 'Select Camp/Event' drop-down list and submit it. 

There will be three tabs 

1. Pending: The registration requests from the parents will be listed here for approval from the center director.

2. Incomplete: Incomplete Camp/Event registration will be listed here, you can edit the application here or you can send an email to the parents to complete the registration using the 'Email Parents to Complete Registration' button.

3. Approved: Successfully processed applications will be listed here.