A Staff can sign in and out to the 1Core solution in various modes, they can sign in/out using the 1Core Web portal, 1Core Attend App, and 1Core Class App. 

The Company Super Users, Directors, and Admins can directly sign in/out a staff using the 1Core Class App. 

To Sign In a Staff to a Classroom:

To sign in a staff, select their associated classroom from the app dashboard. 

After the staff selection, you are required to furnish the selected staff's ID Code to complete the action. 

After the successful sign-in, you can see the signed-in time of the staff below their profile picture on the classroom screen.

To Sign Out a Staff from a Classroom:

Select the Staff who you want to sign out from a classroom and enter the staff's ID code to authenticate the sign out. 

After authenticating the sign out, select the sign-out time and select the 'Ok' to sign out the staff. 


Note: Staff Sign In/Out is completely synchronized in all platforms, whether a staff is Signed-in/out through 1Core Attend or 1Core Web, the time cards for their Sign in/out will be the same.