With our 1Core Class App, you can sign in/out the children to their classrooms. To sign in/out a child,  you need to open their associated classroom or any classroom. 

If the child is enrolled in a classroom, you can access the child under the scheduled section of the classroom. 


If you want to sign in a child to a classroom in which he/she was not enrolled originally, you can do that by selecting the child's name from the 'Other Children' section of the selected classroom.

Other Children: The children who are all enrolled to the center but not to the selected classroom will be categorized as Other Children. You can sign in these Other Children to any classroom. The signed-in classroom will be displayed  in the Classroom Movement of the child rather than their assigned primary classroom in the schedule.

The classroom sign-in made from the 1Core Class is synchronized with the 1Core Web's time card entry the sign-in/out of a child and the classroom movement will be updated automatically in the child's time card entry in the 1Core web.

After a successful sign-in, the child who got signed in will be moved to the Signed In tab from the Scheduled Tab.

To Sign Out a Child from the classroom:

Select the Sign Out button present below the child's profile to sign out them.

For a Batch Sign In:

You can also sign in/out children in batches also. To do a batch sign in/out, select the Sign In button present in the footer of the screen. 

You can select both the scheduled children and other children to batch sign in into a classroom.

For a Batch Sign Out:

You can do batch sign-out for a classroom. Select the Sign Out button from the footer of the screen.

Color code for Children Sign-In:

1Core has given three color codes to indicate the children sign in to the center.  Using these color codes, you can recognize the children's status of sign in to the center easily at a glance

Special Notification: 

Special notifications like birthday and allergy details will be indicated via special badges on the child's profile. 

Allergy Notification Badge:

Birthday Notification  Badge and Count Down: