1Core Class App provides six different activities to you to make the parents worry-free about their children while they are in the daycare/childcare center. 



1. Food 

2. Diapers

3. Nap

4. Incident

5. Homework 

6. Health Screening (Optional Activity)

7. Name to Face

The above-stated activities can be recorded only for the signed-in children in the classroom. For all activities, you can send notes, photos, videos, and collages to the parents (Except for Diaper and Nap). 

To launch the activities, select the  'Activities Launcher' icon present in the classroom screen footer. 

1. Food

After every meal and snack, you can update those to the parents using the Activities Launcher present in the footer of every classroom screen.

2. Diapers

One of the foremost worries of parents is the diapers changing frequency and hygiene of their kids. To update the diaper changes and issues to the parents, select the 'Diapers' icon from the activities launcher. 

Select the children from the children list and select the type of issue.

3. Nap

You can indicate parents about their children's nap timing using the 'Nap' activity available in the 1Core Class App.

4. Incident 

You can send incident notifications as minor injuries happened during playing and others to the parents using the 'Incident' activity. 

You can also send pictures and videos of the kid to the parents using this 'Incident' Activity.

5. Home Work

You can send homework activities done by the children to their parents using the Homework activities option. 

6. Health Screening

The very important need of the present day is health screening for kids before they are entering into the childcare/ daycare center.

1Core Class App provides you the option to check the health of the kids before entering into childcare center via answering health-related questions.

There are 11 default questions given for you in the 1Core Class App. You can create your set of questionnaires for your center via 1Core web.

If the answers for the kid's health screen questionnaire are not satisfying the standard healthcare procedure, then this pop-up message will come. 

7. Name to Face

In many states, it's mandatory to perform "Name-to-Face" checks regularly to ensure all children are accounted for. 1Core now provides "Name-to-Face" checks on its 1Core Class App. 

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Note :

1. The maximum limit and size to upload the photos and videos for a child in the 1Core Class App. 


SourceMaximum Limit
Maximum SizeMaximum Duration
Photos510 MBNA
2100 MB30 seconds
510 MBNA