You can do refunds within the 1Core application itself and the refund transactions will be posted automatically to the ledger.  


Note: User can also submit refund request using the payment processor portal, i.e. outside of the 1Core application.  In this case, the refund transaction will need to be posted manually to the 1Core ledger. 


This integrated refund feature is applicable for the following payment transactions: 

  • TAP (Tuition Auto Pay)
  • TPD (Tuition Pay Direct)
  • CSP (Card Swipe Payment) 


Refund Amount

FULL Refund

If you need to issue a FULL refund of the original payment, follow the steps below:


Access path: Tuition Auto Pay à Refund Amount 

Select the relevant family from the drop down menu and the payment period. 


Note: We only allow a full refund of an ACH payment within 1Core after there is a confirmation of the original ACH payment was cleared.  This is to prevent potential fraud.  Currently it requires up to 8 business days after the initial transaction was made to confirm there is no NSF/decline.  As a result, you will not see the family in the drop down if the payments have not been cleared.

If you need to issue a refund immediately, you can do so by logging into Unity Manager. If you refund through Unity Manager, you will need to manually void the transaction in 1Core because the refund would not flow back into 1Core from UnityFI


Select the transaction that you would like to refund

Click Refund button to confirm the Refund.

Issue Credit 

Partial ACH Refund


The Refund feature described above is for instance where you would like do a FULL refund.   In cases where you need do partial refund, you would accomplish this by issuing a credit either for ACH or Card.



To Issue a Credit for ACH, select the relevant funding account.  You can enter the amount of credit to issue.

After clicking on “Next” you can complete the request by clicking on “Issue Credit Now.”

Partial Card Refund

The same process applies to partial card refund as well.

To Issue a Credit for card, select the relevant payer and the payment period to get a list of payments where you can issue a partial credit.   Under Action, select “Issue Credit” for the relevant payment to issue credit.

You can enter the amount of credit to issue.  After clicking on “Next” you can complete the request by clicking on “Issue Credit Now.”

You can review the status of all the credits issued by selecting “Review Issue Credit Status”

­­On successful refund, a new transaction “Payment Refund” will be posted with a refund amount and the reference number of the original transaction will be displayed in the comments column. 

The final step, you’ll need to manually post a tuition adjustment credit to the family ledger of the same amount to bring the ledger back to $0 or the correct balance. 


If you are using the UnityFI payment platform and do not see this feature enabled in 1Core, please contact: ""