1. Center Director Portal 

1.1.  Ability to Enable/Disable Lesson Plan Using the Center Director Portal

1Core has now introduced a Lesson Plan feature for the Learn@Home functions. You can enable/disable the Lesson Plan in the Learn@Home using the Operations Setup. 

Enabling the Lesson Plan in the center director portal will enable the Lesson Plan in the Staff and Family portal also. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Learn@Home > Learn@Home Setup > Operations

Learn@Home - Home Screen With Lesson Plan 

Learn@Home - Home Screen Without Lesson Plan

Note : Assignment feature will be available for classes even with disabled Lesson Plan. 

1.2. Ability to Add a Subject to a Lesson Plan 

To create an elaborate lesson plan, one needs one or more subjects. You can create a subject to a lesson plan using the 'Subject Setup' option from the 'Activity' setup.

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Setup > Activity > Subject Setup

Selecting the 'Subject Setup' option will take you to the Subject page. Select the 'Add Subject' button from the upper right corner of the page to add a new subject. 

Selecting the 'Add Subject' button will open the 'Add Subject' dialog box. Fill out the Age Group details, Subject Name, Subject Short Code, and Description. 

Note : You cannot add the same subject twice in an age category. 

Editing a saved subject 

Note : You can now enter/input in any international language at all text boxes and editors in all setups. 1Core has brought multi-language input support. The default field names will be in English only, but you can feed the information in any language of your choice.


In the below image, the inputs are in Spanish,

1.3. Ability to Add a Category to a Lesson Plan 

You can create a category to a lesson plan by selecting the 'Activity Category Setup' option from the 'Activity' Setup.

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Setup > Activity > Activity Category Setup 

Selecting the 'Activity Category Setup' will take you to the 'Activity Category' page. Select the 'Add Activity Category' button from the upper right corner of the page to add a category. 

Enter the Category Name and Description on the respective text boxes and Select the 'Save' button to save the entered category. 

Editing a saved Category. 

1.4. Ability to Create an Activity for a Lesson Plan

 After creating a subject and category, you need an activity to integrate subject and category in a lesson plan. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Setup > Activity > Activity Setup

Select the 'Add Activity' button from the upper right corner of the page to add an activity. 

Selecting the Add Activity button will take you to the Add Activity page. You can attach materials for reference to the activities, you can add a Website link, youtube video link, and file documents. 

Note : Instructions will be visible to everyone (Parents, Teachers and Directors). 
           Private Notes will be visible only to Teachers and Directors.

Creating a tag: 

Tags are created to ease the search for activity. In case a center has 100 activities means tags will be very useful to search for a type of particular activity.


You can create a tag in two ways 

1. By accessing the 'Activity Tags' from the Setup module

2. By selecting the 'Add Tag' button from the Activity List page.

1.5. Ability to Create an Activity using an Offline Template 

To make the activity creation more user-friendly, 1Core has come up with an alternate option to online 'Activity Setup'. Now you can download an offline spreadsheet template from the 'Import Activity' page and use that spreadsheet to create 'Activities' offline.

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Setup > Activity Import 

Select the Download Activity Template button to download a template spreadsheet, using this template you can fill the activity details offline and upload to the import activity page to create activities. In this way, you can create multiple activities in a single go.

1.6. Enhancements in the Learn@Home Home Page 

1Core has given new enhancements to the Learn@Home page to improve the user experience to another level. 

Earlier Enrollments, Staff Schedule, and Learn@Home class repost option were present on the Learn@Home page. Now, those three options are moved to the 9-dot candy box menu. 

1.7. Ability to View the Children Attendance Report Learn@Home

1Core has introduced a new feature labeled Attendance Report on the Learn@Home to view the attendance report summary for the Learn@Home.


1.8. Ability to Create a Lesson Plan for a Class

The center directors and admin users can create a lesson plan using the Center Director portal. To add a lesson plan for a class, select a class from the scheduled classes list. Selecting a class will take you to the 'Class Details' page. 

On the 'Class Details' page, select the 'Lesson Plan' tab.

You can add activities to the lesson plan by selecting the 'Add Activity' button.

Copy Lesson Plan :

You can copy lesson plan details from your existing lesson plan list. This Copy Lesson Plan option has been added to reduce your labor on the details filling for repetitive classes

1.9. Ability to Assign Assignments to Children using Center Dashboard

1Core has come up with a new assignment feature for children, using this now you can assign assignments to children and validate those online. 

Select a scheduled classroom from the 'Today's Classes' or ' Upcoming Classes' list. Select the 'Assignments' tab on the Class Details page. 

Selecting the 'Save Assignment' button will save the assignment and also initiate an email notification to the participants of the class. 

1.10. Ability to Configure the Lesson Plan Approval Requirement Status of a Staff

Staff can also configure/create a lesson plan for a classroom using their Staff Portal. There are two types of Lesson Plan creation modes available for staff. They are, 

1. Creating a Lesson Plan and Directly Publishing it.

2. Creating a Lesson Plan and Submit for Review.

You can configure these modes for staff using the Staff module on the Center Dashboard

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Staff > Select a Staff from the Staff List 

2. Staff Portal

2.1. Ability to Create a Lesson Plan using the Staff Portal 

Staff also can add or create a new lesson plan to a scheduled class using their staff portal. To create a new lesson plan in the staff portal, select any scheduled class from the Today's class or Upcoming classes list. 

Dashboard of Staff with Approver :

Select the Completed icon to view the list of completed classes with lesson plans. Select the 'To Review' icon to view the list of classes that have review pending lesson plans. Select the 'Yet to Plan' icon to view the list of classes that haven't been added with lesson plans.  

Dashboard of a Staff without an approver :

Select the Completed icon to view the list of completed classes with lesson plans. Select the 'Yet to Plan' icon to view the list of classes that haven't been added with lesson plans.  

After selecting the desired classroom, select the 'Lesson Plan' tab. In the 'Lesson Plan' tab, you can add 'Title' and 'Notes' of the Lesson Plan. Select the 'Add Activity' button to add activity(s) to the Lesson Plan. 

After adding the 'Activities' to the Lesson Plan, you can Publish the Lesson Plan or Save as a Draft or Submit for Review.

Submit Review :

Save & Publish : 


Note : The options ' Save & Publish' and 'Submit for Review' varies for staff to staff. These can be configured through the Center Dashboard's Staff module. You can categories staff's authorization for publishing the lesson plan as either direct publish or require review. 


After selecting the 'Submit for Review', the lesson plan will be sent to your respective reviewer for approval with email notification.

Email Notification :

2.2. Adding Assignments to a scheduled classroom using Staff Portal 

Like the center dashboard's assignment privileges, staffs also have the assignment assigning privilege. 

Select any scheduled classroom from the list to add assignments to it. 

On the Class Details page, select the Assignments tab. In the Assignments tab, enter the title and notes on the respective text editors. Select the 'Add Activity' button to add an activity(s) to the lesson plan. 

You can add study-related materials to the assignment. You can add,

  1. Youtube Video Link
  2. Pdf Document (Upload)
  3. Website link 

After selecting the Activity and the Material, Select the Next button to move to the Assignment's Preview stage.


2.3. Ability to Check and Validate the Submitted Assignments using the Staff Portal

You can review and validate the submitted assignments using the Staff Portal. The submitted assignments will go to the concerned virtual instructor for valuation. You can download and view the document and validate it. 

If you are satisfied with the assignment, you can mark that as completed.

Selecting upon the Number of Assignments option, you will be taken to the 'Assignments Review' page from where you can view the list of submitted assignments along with the submitted children's name, classroom details, and submitted date & timings. 

Summary :

3.Family Portal

3.1. Enhancements in the Enrolled Classes page

1Core has done many user interface enhancements on the Enrolled Classes page to give an exemplary user experience.   

3.2. Ability to view the Lesson Plan from the Family Portal 

You can view the lesson plan by selecting the 'View Class' icon adjacent to the scheduled classrooms on the Today's Classes, Upcoming Classes list. 

Selecting the 'View Class' icon will take you to the 'Class Details' page. 

3.3. Ability to Respond to the Assignments through Family Portal

You can view the assigned assignments in two ways.

1. By selecting the Assignment count notification from the Enrolled Classes page.

2. By selecting the Assignments tab from the Class Details page. 

Assignment Count Notification 

Selecting the Assignment count will take you to your list of pending assignments.


Assignment tab through the Class Details page

Selecting the view icon from both processes will you take to the Assignments page. 

Selecting the 'Do Not Remind' button will decrease one count on the home page 'Assignment' pending count. But still, you can view the 'Do Not Remind'-ed assignment in the Assignment list. You can take up that assignment any time and finish.  

Once you have marked an assignment as 'Do Not Remind', then you won't be able to see the 'Do Not Remind' button again for that assignment.