1. 1Core Class App

1.1.  Ability to Create an Activity using 1Core Class App

Activities are day-to-day preplanned classroom businesses. 1Core has come up with the Activity functions for both 1Core Web and Mobile Apps. 

You can create an activity for a classroom using the 1Core Class App. Select a classroom from the 1Core Class App home screen.  

1.2. Ability to Send Activity Notification to Parent using 1Core Class App

You can send Activity notifications of the signed in children of a classroom to their parents using the 1Core Class App.


By default, the activities created on the 1Core web will be displayed on the Select Activity screen.

You need to add at least a single activity/note or a combination of both in order to send the notification for parents, the system will provide you an error message otherwise. 

Submitting an activity notification with a note alone: 

1.3. Enhancement in the Child Profile Section

1Core has enhanced the child profile section of the 1Core Class App, any activity notified for the children will be added to the Timeline tab on the child profile section, and the media that shared with the activity notification will be shown in the gallery tab. 

2. 1Core Family App

2.1. Activity Notification for a parent on 1Core Family App

When an activity notification for a child sent from the 1Core Class App, it will be notified to the parent on the 1Core Family App. 

They will receive a push notification and the Activity notification along with shared media and notes will be shown on the home screen of the 1Core Family App.

2.2. Enhancements in the Child Profile section of 1Core Family App

Now, the child profile section will show the gallery, activity, and timeline sections. Selecting these three sections will take to their respective screens.