The center directors can directly enroll a child (From a new or existing family) in a camp session using their center director portal.

Access Path : Center Director Portal > Camp >Enroll a child to camp 

Select the family type, you can enroll a child from a new family or select a child from an existing family.

Adding a new family to the camp enrollment :

Selecting the 'New Family' from the 'Select Family Type' option will take you to the Primary Contact registration page. 

After entering the primary contact, you will be taken to the child details page. Enter your child(ern) details here. 

Select the Session(s) for the entered child(ren).

After selecting the session(s), you will be taken to the Confirmation page, you can verify the entered details one last time from here before submitting it. 

After submitting the camp enrollment registration, the enrolled child(ren) will be taken to the approved tab of the 'Process Camp Registration' page directly. 

Adding an existing family to camp enrollment :

Select the 'Existing Family' option on the Select Family page.

On the Child Details page, you need to select the gender of the child and the grade which the child entering in the next school year.

Select the session(s) for the child(ren)

Confirmation page, 

Note : 

1. Submitting a child (from new/existing famlily) enrollment in to a camp session using the center director portal will not result an immediate payment/fee deduction. The payments/fees will be paid by the parent using their parent portal. 

2. If the session has any fee or discount, it will be posted as billing in the ledger after being submitted by the center director.

3.The posting date of these session will be based on the 'Payment Due Date'.