1Core Staff App

1Core Staff App is a unique mobile app for childcare center staff. Like our 1Core Class and Family apps, this 1Core Staff app will also be a multi-purpose mobile application that contains a bundle of features for the staff to function smoothly. 

1. Logging In to the 1Core Staff App

To Login  :

1. Open the App on your mobile (IOS/Android) 

2. Enter the login credentials

3. Click the 'Login' button

Note : New Registrations for the 1Core Staff App can be only done through Registration URL. But if you are a registered user of 1Core Staff Portal then you can use your Staff Portal Credentials to login the 1Core Staff App.

2. Viewing the Staff Profile on the 1Core Staff App

You can view the Staff profile details on the 1Core Staff App by selecting the profile picture or name of the staff on the home page. 

Note: You can only view the details of staff that has been entered through 1Core Web and 1Core Staff portal. 

3. Sign In / Out of the Staff portal using the 1Core Staff App

You can sign in / out of your staff portal using the QR Scan feature of the 1Core Staff App. You can also view the timecards of your sign in and outs.  

 Earlier we had a health screening questionnaire only for the children, now you can do the same screening for the staff using the 1Core Staff App.  

To Sign In : 

Note : To access the QR Code scanning feature on the 1Core Staff app, you need to enable the  QR Scan feature on the 1Core web.

Time Card after signed in:

After you have signed in, the 'Scan and Sign In' button will get changed to ' Scan and Sign Out' and a time card entry will be visible on the home page.  

Changing the classroom while signing out :

Select the 'Change Classroom' button while you try to sign out to change the present signed in classroom to another.

To Sign Out : 

To sign out completely, select the 'Sign Out' button on the change classroom screen.

Note : The 'Change Classroom' option will be visible only if the 'Track Staff Movement' option is enabled in the company module configuration.

Timecard entry after changing the classroom

Note : You can only view the PTO Balance Summary that has been entered through the 1Core web. 

4. Changing the login password on the 1Core Staff App

You can change your login password using the settings option on the 1Core Staff App menu. 

5.  Logging Out of 1Core Staff App

To Logout : 


1. Select the  'Menu' icon from the home page of the app.

2. Select the 'Logout' option.