1. Payment 

1.1. Enhancements in the ACH Returned Item Fee Setup

1Core has introduced many new changes to the ACH Returned Item Fee Setup under the Company Dashboard. 

ACH failed payment messages for Card Connect and Unitify are 'Insufficient funds' and 'ReturnedNotCollected' respectively.

If the payment had been failed for any other reason other than these two were not been able to classify. To overcome this issue, 1Core introduced more configurations for ACH Returned Item Fee to select.

Failure reasons For Each Payment Provider,


•    Insufficient funds

•    Not sufficient funds

•    Rejected


•    Insufficient funds

•    Rejected

•    ReturnNotCollected


•    NSF - Insufficient Funds    

•    Rejected/Declined

•    Declined

Access Path : Company Dashboard > Setup > ACH Returned Item Fee Setup

1.2. Ability to provide a full and partial refund for Card Connect Payments

Earlier, you can only provide a refund and issue credit for UnityFi payments. Now you can provide a Full refund for Card Connect payments also. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Online Tuition Payment > Refund 

Select the 'Refund' button to initiate the refund.

2. Program Enrollment 

2.1. Enhancements in the Setup module  

1Core has introduced many new changes in the setup module's options.

Option - Positional Rearrangement :

Options Old PlacementNew Placement 
Age GroupCenter and Child Program Enrollment
Class RoomCenter and ChildProgram Enrollment

Options - Merger :

Policies, Program, Fees and Discount Setup, and Family Portal have been merged and revamped to a new option labeled ' Online Enrollment Flow Setup'.

2.2. Enhancements in the Online Enrollment Flow Setup 

Online Enrollment Flow Setup is an important process of adding additional values such as defining the registration mode, fees & discount details, configuring landing page messages, and registration URL to a childcare program.  

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Setup > Online Enrollment Flow 

2.2.1. Online Enrollment 

On the Online Enrollment tab, you define the enrollment flow of your center, preference recording the Parent Hand Book, configuring existing family change requests, and setting the confirmation email distributions. 

Enrollment Offer (center Initiated): After the parent requested the program, the center processes the request and decides the appropriate action.

Direct Enrollment (Parent Initiated ): Parents will enroll themselves using the URL provided to them directly. 

If your center is configured with a Parent Hand Book using Online Forms Module, then the uploaded Parent Hand Book will be auto-populated when you select the 'Yes' radio button for the 'Allow Parents to Download and Review' option. If not, you need to upload 'Parent Hand Book' using the 'Add ' button

The parent hand book will be displayed on the online enrollment flow based on the enrollment start and end dates.  

2.2.2. Enrollment Fees

The main aim of the 'Enrollment Fees' tab in the Online Enrollment Flow Setup is to help you create various fees for the program (Registration Fees, Prepay, Security Deposit, and Other Fees) while preparing the enrollment offer. 

Once the parent accepted the enrollment, the fees created here will be moved to the child billing.

Note : Earlier Other Fees didn't have separate billing cycle, it was combined with the regular billing cycle. Now 1Core has configured the Other Fees with separate billing cycle option.

2.2.3. Discount

1Core has introduced new Discount options which allow you to provide different kinds of discounts to the parents on your programs. 

If the center has any preset discounts in the billing set up those will be auto-populated here. You can use those discounts or you can add new discounts using the 'Add Discounts' option.

2.2.4. Messages

The Messages tab contains the text editor options of several user messages ( Welcome Message, Program Overview text, Online Application Header text, Acknowledgement text ).

Welcome Message will be displayed on the home page of the landing page from which the parents accept the program enrollment. 

2.2.5. Enrollment URL

The Enrollment URL tab contains the URL for the online application of the center's program. Parents can use this URL to enroll in a program in the center. 

3. Program Enrollment Dashboard

Program Enrollment Dashboard of 1Core is the place where you can see the complete enrollment details of your center. The main objective of this page is to give you a complete understanding of your childcare center's enrollment, change request, incoming, enrolled, waitlist, withdrawn, and decline child records with their counts. 

1Core Program Enrollment has some interesting alerts that will give details about some critical information about children's program assignments, children with the only completed program, and much more. 

Earlier, only the children with programs are included in the list and count of the Program Enrollment Dashboard. Now irrespective of the program, all the children will be displayed in the Program Enrollment Dashboard based on their enrollment date. 


Access Path : Center Dashboard > Program Enrollment

Note: The Alerts are not static, they are dynamic. They will be displayed only if any child record satisfies the condition of the alert. Otherwise, you won't see the alert section on the top.

Center With Alerts : 


Notes :  1.The total count of Enrolled tab is equal to the total active children count in the children module. 
              2. The total count of  Incoming tab is equal to the total incoming children count in the  children module
              3. The total count of Withdrawn tab is equal to the total inactive children count in the children module.

The Delete option has been removed from all the tabs except for the 'Decline' tab. i.e., You can only delete the child record present under the 'Decline' tab. 

3.1. Alerts on the Program Enrollment Dashboard


Program Enrollment Dashboard has 3 new alerts on the page. 

1. Enrolled Children with no program assigned

2. Enrolled Children with only completed program 

3. Enrolled Children with multiple programs assigned

Center With Online ESign Enrollment:

Centers with online enrollment with eSignature will have five alerts. The additional alerts are, 

1. Enrollment pending Director's Signature

2. Enrollment pending Parent's Signature

3.2. Offering Enrollment to the parent(s)

You can send program enrollment offers to parents using the 'Sent Enrollment Offer' option available on the Program Enrollment page.

3.2.1. New Family Enrollment

After selecting the 'Send Enrollment Offer' button, you will be taken to the 'Send Enrollment Offer' page.  You can enroll new families into the center's program using the 'New Family' option.

After selecting the family type, you will be taken to the Parent and Children Info sections of the Family Info page. 

On the program section, fill out the program details (Enrollment Start Date, Child Age Group, Program to Offer, Program Schedule and Assign Classroom). 

Note : On the Program section, you can select the Enrollment Start Date. Once after you have send the offer enrollment, you cannot edit the enrollment start date using the children page. But it is only for the first enrollment. you can edit the enrollment start date from the second program enrollment. 

On the Fees Info, you can configure all the fees for a child (Tuition, Discount, Subsidy billing, etc.,)

You can add a tuition discount using the fixed rate and percentage of the existing tuition amount.

After optimizing the tuition and other fees for the program, you can view the confirmation page before sending the enrollment. 

3.2.2. Existing Family Enrollment Offer

You can also send enrollment offers to existing families using the 'Existing Family' option in the Send Enrollment Offer. 

The Parent and Child Info will be auto-populated in the respective places. You can also edit the info at this point.

You can configure the Fees, Discount, and Agency on this Fees Page. You can also provide discounts on the Agency Fee using the 'Add Discount' button. 

Using the Fees page, you can also configure the Subsidy status of the family and select the agency details, agency fees, and discount on the agency fees.


For Multiple Ledger Family :

Earlier we saw the 'Send Enrollment Offer' for a single ledger family (new & existing). Now you can view the 'Send Enrollment Offer' flow for the multiple ledger family. 

You can select the Family type on the Family Info page. 

For a New Family, you need to enter the parent(s) and child details. You can also configure a family as a split family using the 'Split Family' option.

For an Existing Family, you need to select a family from the 'Select Family' drop down and choose the parent to invite to enroll, child.

Select the Enrollment Start Date, Child Age Group, Program to Offer, Program Schedule, and Classroom details. 

On the Fees page, you can configure the Fee details of the program.

For the Single Family Payment: The billing and payment will be the sole responsibility of Parent #1.

When Parent Split Payment, they can do that in two ways.

1. Each Parent Makes Full Payment in Alternate Period

2. Parents Split Payment in Each Period

When Parent Splits the payment, you can configure the percentage split of the payment for each parent.

Note : If the center is not enabled with eSignature, then you will be taken to confirm & send page after the Fees page.

If the center is mapped with multiple eSign documents, you will be taken to the Select Enrollment Agreement page after the Fees page.

4. Company Dashboard 

4.1. Ability to set logos for centers at the company level

Earlier, you can only set logos for companies. Now you can set unique logos for each center at the company level.

Access Path : Company Dashboard > Locations


Note : If there is no center level logo uploaded for a center , then the company logo will be displayed for the center by default. 

5. Center Dashboard

5.1. Enhancements in the Center Dashboard 

Earlier in the 'Program Enrollment' performance graph, the 'Capacity' entity is calculated with the licensing capacity of the center. But now, the 'Capacity' entity will be calculated with the 'Actual Capacity'.

Note : FTE calculatation also will be calcualted based on the ' Actual Capacity' of the center.

5.2. Enhancement (alerts) on the Center Dashboard 

A new alert labeled 'Children not having a schedule for today, but signed in' has been created on the center dashboard to show the children who are all signed in to the center without any active schedule today. 

To view the list, select the alerts.

6. Families 

6.1.New Alerts on the Families page

Now you can view the list of the Active families with no child records on the Families page.

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Families

To view the list, select the alerts.

7. Children 

7.1. New Alerts on the Children page

Now you can view the list of children without any active program, enrolled children with the only completed program, and children with multiple programs on the Children page in a form of an alert. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Children 

To view the list, select the alerts.


7.2. Ability to view the upcoming classroom & age group, physical health exam date, and Insurance information of a child on the child profile page

You can view the upcoming classroom and age group of a child on their child profile page using this you can know about the child transition between classroom and age group in the upcoming days. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Children > Select a Child

 Earlier, there were only male and female options on the children's gender-related questions. Now, 1Core has introduced a new gender option labeled 'Nonbinary'.

And a new field labeled 'Preferred Name' has been introduced in the children's information. 

7.4. Enhancements in the 'Add New Program' option in the Children module

1Core has made several enhancements in the 'Add New Program' option in the children module. 


On the Program  & Billing page, select the 'Add Program' option to add a new program to the selected child.

Selecting the 'Add Program' option will take you to the Add Child Program page. On the Add Child Program page, enter the program start and end dates, Age group, program, classroom, and schedule.

Note : When a new child has been enrolled with future program start date, then the child will be placed in the INCOMING status ( Only for the FIRST instance) in the child profile. Not only a new child, even the corresponding family is a single child family then they will also go under the incoming status.  

Selecting the 'Next' button will take you to the Add Child Program page's Fee Info section. 

Selecting the 'Next' button will take you to the final confirmation page where you can check the entered details one last time before final submission.

7.5. Enhancements in the Enrollment Start Date on the children profile page 

Earlier, you were allowed to edit the Enrollment Start Date on the children page. The Enrollment Start Date present on the children Information page is the First Enrollment Start Date of the child.  So 1Core has now made the Enrollment Start Date uneditable. However, you can edit the Enrollment Start Date of the programs from the second program enrollments.

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Children 


Select a child from the Children list.

On the Edit Child Information pop-up, you can't able to edit the Enrollment Start Date.