1. Classroom Activities - Introduction

1Core has now integrated the 'Classroom Activities' into 1Core Web to provide a high level of interoperability between 1Core Web and 1Core Class App. 

2. Creating Activities Setup 


For creating a successful lesson plan in the classroom activities module, you need to create 'Subjects', 'Categories', and 'Activities' on the 1Core Web. 

2.1. Ability to Add a Subject to a Lesson Plan 

To add one or more subjects, use the 'Subject Setup' option available under the 'Activity Category' under setup.

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Setup > Activity > Subject Setup

Click on 'Add Subject' to add a new subject. 

Selecting the 'Add Subject' button will open the 'Add Subject' dialog box. Select the Age Group and provide a Subject Name, Subject Short Code, and Description. 

Note : You cannot add the same subject twice in an age category. 

Editing a saved subject 

Note : You can now enter/input in any international language at all text boxes and editors in all setups. 1Core has brought multi-language input support. The default field names will be in English only, but you can feed the information in any language of your choice.


In the below image, the inputs are in Spanish,

2.2. Ability to Add a Category to a Lesson Plan 

You can create a category for a lesson plan by selecting the 'Activity Category Setup' option from the 'Activity category' under Setup.

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Setup > Activity > Activity Category Setup 

Selecting the 'Activity Category Setup' will take you to the 'Activity Category' page. Click 'Add Activity Category' button to add a category. 

Enter the Category Name and Description on the respective text boxes and Select the 'Save' button to save the entered category. 

Editing a saved Category. 

2.3. Ability to Create an Activity for a Lesson Plan

 After creating a subject and category, you need an activity to integrate subject and category in a lesson plan. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Setup > Activity > Activity Setup

Click 'Add Activity' button to add an activity. 

Materials can be added for reference and you can also add Website link, you tube video link, and files with pdf and csv extensions to the activities.

Note : Instructions will be visible to everyone (Parents, Teachers and Directors). 
           Private Notes will be visible only to Teachers and Directors.

Creating a tag: 

Tags are created to ease the search process when you have a large number of activity created.


You can create a tag in two ways 

1. By accessing the 'Activity Tags' from the Setup module

2. By selecting the 'Add Tag' button from the Activity List page.

2.4. Ability to Create an Activity using an Offline Template 

To make the activity creation more user-friendly, 1Core has come up with an alternate option to online 'Activity Setup'. Now you can download an offline spreadsheet template from the 'Import Activity' page and use that spreadsheet to create 'Activities' offline.

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Setup > Activity Import 

Select the Download Activity Template button to download a template spreadsheet, using this template you can fill the activity details offline and upload them to the import activity page to create activities. In this way, you can create multiple activities in a single go.


3. Classroom Activities 


3.1. Adding a Lesson Plan to a classroom

Now you can add a lesson plan(s) to a classroom for a week using either the 'Add Lesson Plan' option on the 'Classroom Activities' page or the 'Lesson Plan' option under the 'Function' module. 

Add Lesson Plan via Classroom Activities

Selecting the 'Add Lesson Plan' will open the 'Add Lesson Plan' pop-up. Here select the desired week for the lesson plan by selecting the 'Green Arrows' adjacent to the 'Select Week' option. 

Select the classroom using the drop-down on the upper left side and enter the name of the weekly lesson plan on the editor at the bottom. 

Selecting the 'Continue' button will take you to the 'Lesson Plan' module page. 

Select the next button to publish the lesson plan or save this plan as a draft. 

Add Lesson Plan via Functions Module

You can add a weekly/daily lesson plan for a classroom using the 'Add Lesson Plan' option on the Lesson Plan page. 

3.2. Approving the Lesson Plan submitted by staffs

As an admin, you can directly create and publish a lesson plan(s) for a classroom and you can also be an approver for your staff who will create lesson plans and submit them for your approval. 

On the Classroom Activity Dashboard :

Completed: The total count of created and approved lesson plans for all classrooms.

To Review: The total count of the lesson plan waiting for your approval for all classrooms.

Yet to Plan:  Number of weeks without the lesson plan for all classrooms. 

Note : Select the counts to view the details of the respective lesson plan status. 

Completed :

To Review:

Selecting the lesson plan that is waiting for approval will take you to the 'Lesson Plan Approval' page from there you can give your approval for the sent lesson plan. 

Note : You can allowed to change the title of the sent for approval lesson plan at the approval stage.


Yet to Plan:

3.3. Ability Download and Share the Created Lesson Plan 

1Core allows you to download the created lesson plan and also allows you to share the created lesson plan with the parent. 

Downloading the Created Lesson Plan 

Use the "Download" button to download the lesson plan and "Share" button to share those with the parents.

Downloaded Lesson Plan :

Sharing the Lesson Plan:

Email :

3.4. Ability to view the Classroom activity feeds of 1Core Class App in 1Core Web

1Core has now added the 1Core Class App Activity feeds into the 1Core Web on the Classroom Activities page. So you can view the activities, diaper change, notes, food, incident, nap, and homework feeds on the Classroom Activities page. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Classroom Activities

Activities Created on the 1Core Class App :

Activity Created on the 1Core Class App Reflected on the 1Core Web

You can use the "filter" icon to view any specific activity for any specific classroom at a time.

Grouped By : 

The grouped 'By Timeline' will be the default option. The homepage of 'Classroom Activities' will be displayed based on the Timeline by default. 

Grouped By Child:

Grouped by Activity:

3.5. Ability to generate reports for the classroom activities

1Core provides a couple of comprehensive reports on the classroom activities to give a better picture of your center's classroom activities. 

Daily Activities - Report:

Using this report, you can view the classroom activities of each child on daily basis. 

Select the 'View' link to the activities of a child on the selected date and classroom.


Activity Library - Report:

Using the Activity Library, you can generate and view a report for a specified period of time with elaborate filters.