1. Importing Lesson Plan while creating an activity for children

To import a lesson plan while creating an activity, you need a lesson plan created on the 1Core web for that day. 

Select the Activities icon at the bottom footer of the 1Core Class App to go to the activities screen and select the children for the activity from the 'Currently Signed in' children list.

Selecting the 'Import Lesson Plan' icon will open the Lesson Plan list screen containing the created lesson plan for the day. You can select the lesson(s) on the list to import those for the selected children. 

App Screen after importing the lesson plan for the selected children. Select the 'Submit' button to create an activity with the imported lesson plan.

You can view the imported lesson plan on the children's timeline. 

2. Viewing the Lesson Plan on the 1Core Class App

You can view the Lesson Plan of classrooms in the 1Core Class App using the Lesson Plan module on the main menu.

3. Activities Summary

Earlier there was no option for viewing the activities feed on the 1Core Class App. 1Core has now introduced an Activities Feed summary feature on the 1Core Class App.  

You can filter the 'Activities summary Results' using the filter icon available in the upper right corner of the 'Activities Summary' page.