eMessage to Authorized Person(s) via 1Core Attend Kiosk 

1Core allows the Center Admin Users to send eMessages to selective group or all authorized persons via the 1Core Attend Kiosk app.

Note:  The eMessages will ONLY be shown on the 1Core Attend Kiosk, and not anywhere else.

To create the eMessage, follow the access path below:

Access Path: Center Dashboard---> Functions --->Time and Tracking -->  eMessage Families

Click on the "Add New Message" button.

Filter and select the Authorized Person that you would like send the eMessage and then click on "Continue" button.

You will be presented with a list of Authorized Persons. Select all or a subset of the authorized persons and click on "Continue" button.

Next you can specify the display duration and frequency of the eMessage to display before composing the appropriate eMessage.  

Review the eMessage before you send. Click "Confirm" button once you are ready to send.

You will send a confirmation that the eMessage will be sent to the selected authorized person(s).


When the Authorized Person enters their PIN into the 1Core Attend Kiosk.

The eMessage will be shown to them.

After viewing the eMessage, the Authorized Person can proceed to Sign in/out the child.