Users can move the Family Records from one center to another using this feature.



Center Dashboard --> Functions --> Enroll Families into Different Center:





Select the relevant family that must be moved to another center and click Next. The parent and child details will be displayed.




-Select the children records that need to be moved.

-Select the center to which the selected family and child record need to be moved. 

-Click Next, a confirmation message will be displayed







The following details of Parent and Child Files will not be moved to the new center. 


Parent Information:

1. Employer

2. Payment Frequency

3. TAP- They will have to re enroll for the new school


Child Information:

1. Classroom 

2. Age Group

3. Enrollment Start Date 

4. Child Id code

5. Child Program 

6. Child Tuition

7. Subsidized Billing Information

8. Emergency Contact: Cellphone & Address


1. The family ledger entries will not be moved