1. Introducing 'Franchise Admin' Role into the administrative hierarchy 

Now, 1Core has introduced a new administrative role namely Franchise Admin above the 'Company Super User' in the administrative hierarchy structure.

With this new feature, Franchise Admins can effectively manage one or more companies and their associated centers.

Previously, the top administrative role of a company was 'Company Super User' which can only manage a single company and its associated centers.

'New Administrative Hierarchy' of 1CoreSolution software is depicted below:

Note : To enable the 'Franchise Admin' role to your company, contact the 1Core Customer Support Team - 

2. Staff PTO - UI Enhancements

1Core has been continuously upgrading the User Interface (UI) of its software for a better user experience. Now, the Staff PTO page has been upgraded with a new UI look.

Split up of 'Earned' Staff PTO update,

Split up of 'Used' Staff PTO update,

A new 'Filter' option has been added to the Staff PTO page with PTO type, PTO time, and Dates filter conditions.


3. Child Record -  Contractual Hours

1Core has added the Contractual Hours feature for children. Now, you can enter contractual hours for a child in the child record and generate a 'Billing By Attendance' report to compare the contractual hours vs actual hours of the child. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Children > Select a Child Profile

Once you've selected the child profile, you will be able to see the 'Monthly Contracted Hours' option under the 'Class Information' section. 

You can create contracted hours for a child if not already exist.


The Contracted Hours and Actual hours will be present in the 'Billing By Attendance' report. 

Contracted Hours will be displayed in the Time Card of the Family portal (If contractual hours have opted in the child profile) 

4. Reports 

4.1. Rollcall Sheets - Enhancements 

Now, you can customize the day column with dates on the weekly rollcall sheets. This will help you to maintain manual rollcall attendance records with much better clarity. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Reports > Attendance > Rollcall Sheets

You can download the weekly rollcall sheets in the form of PDF and Html. The below generated Rollcall Sheet has the dates along with the days. 

4.2. Enrollment/Withdrawal Report - Enhancements 

Now, the Enrollment/Withdrawal Report will use both the Enrollment date and Program Start date for counting the Total Enrollment/Withdrawal, Program Enrollment, and FTE count. 

Changes Made in the report : 

1. The report will use both Children Enrollment/Withdrawal and Program Start dates. 

a. For Enrollment/Withdrawal #'s - Children Enrollment/Withdrawal date

b. For Count #'s (Program Enrollments) and FTE #'s Count - Program Start date

2. Family and Child status filters have been removed from the report. 

3. New Age Group Filter has been added to the Enrollment/Withdrawal Report.

For More:

4.3. Enhancements in the Enrollment and Financial Projection Report 

The Enrollment and Financial Projection Report has been modified to use the child's Enrollment/Withdrawal date. 

Age Group filter under the Group By drop-down has been modified to use the Age Group present in the Child profile instead of the age group in the Program Schedule. 

4.4. Introducing new Children Summary by Program End Date

1Core introducing a new report labeled 'Children Summary by Program End Date' for the purpose of finding out how many children have their program end date in a selected period of time. 

This will help you to find the future opening slots in the programs and prepare you for future enrollment works. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Reports > Children Summary by Program End Date