To create a bus run for a center, 

 1. You need to create a bus run setup at the center level.

 2. Assign the children with a created bus run. 

Create - Bus Run Setup,

You can create multiple bus runs using the bus run setup. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Setup > Center and Child > Bus Run Setup

To create a new bus run, select the 'Add New' button from the top right corner of the page.


On the new bus run pop-up, enter the name of the bus run and choose the status of it.

Assign - Bus Run to a Child

You can assign the bus run to a child using their child profile.

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Children > a Choose a child profile

Select the edit button from the bus run setup of the child profile page to assign a bus run to the child.

On the bus run pop-up window, you can add/remove the bus run to the child profile.