Weekly Rollcall Sheet report helps you to prepare a weekly rollcall sheet for your center. This report is based on the children's enrollment start and withdrawal date. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Report > Attendance > Weekly Rollcall Sheet

This report brings children irrespective of their program schedule status. If a child has a program assigned then In/Out timings will be listed under the 'Day' column. 

For those children, who don't have any program schedule the In/Out timings column will be left blank.


Note : The children are grouped in this report based on their 'Primary Classroom' specified in the child profile page.


What will happen if a child has no assigned primary classroom in the child's profile and has an assigned primary classroom in the program schedule?

For the above-illustrated scenario, the child will be listed under the 'Not Assigned' category of the report and the In/Out timings will be taken from the primary classroom of the program schedule and displayed.