1. Enhancements

1.1. QR Code Attendance

1Core has brought some important enhancements in the QR Attendance setup to provide improvements in the frequency of QR code refresh.

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Functions > Time and Tracking > QR Code for Attendance


1.1.1. Modify - QR Code Frequency

You can set the QR Code refresh frequency on daily/weekly/monthly/no automatic refresh. 

No Automatic Refresh- Enables you to use the same QR Code daily without any change until a manual refresh. 

Weekly Refresh 

To set the QR Code refresh frequency weekly, select the 'Weekly' radio button on the 'Automatic QR Code Refresh Frequency' option. 

Note : You can add multiple CCs for the email reminder alert.

Monthly Refresh 

To set the QR Code refresh frequency 'Monthly', select the "Monthly'  radio button on the 'Automatic QR Code Refresh Frequency' option. 

Note: The widow for prior email remainder is 1 to 5 days, before the QR Code change occurance for both Weekly/Monthly frequency change. 

1.1.2. Print - Next Reference QR Code 

To print the future (next ) QR Code, select the 'Next Refreshed QR Code'  tab on the QR Code Attendance page. It'll help you take a printout of the next QR Code beforehand and change the manually pasted QR codes on the campus smoothly on the refresh due date. 

1.2. Staff PTO

1Core has been continuously upgrading the User Interface (UI) of its software for a better user experience. Now, the Staff PTO page has been upgraded with a new UI look. PTO details have been modified to sort from the Newest to Oldest record.

Note : By default, the last 12 months details for the staff will be displayed.

In the downloaded Staff PTO List (Pdf/Html), PTO type, Date, Time, Hours, and notes details are furnished. 

1.3. Send Enrollment Offer

1Core has introduced an option in the 'Send Enrollment Offer' flow to control the visibility of the 'Waived Fee' details in the enrollment offer to parents. 

Enrollment offer With 'Fee Waiver' details,

Enrollment Offer Without the 'Fee Waiver' details,

2. New Feature

2.1.  Attendance Kiosk Role

1Core has come up with a new administrative role 'Attendance Kiosk Role' for those who man the Attendance Kiosk at the center's reception area where the child log in/out happens. By default, the Attendance Kiosk role will be created for all companies.  

Attendance Kiosk users can only access the 'Launch Time Clock' function when they log in. 

Access Path: Company Dashboard > Role Management

Add - New Attendance Kiosk user

You can add a new attendance kiosk user or modify the existing user's role using the 'User Management' page. 


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