1. Online Enrollment Flow Setup

Online Enrollment Flow Setup is an important process of adding additional values such as defining the registration mode, fees & discount details, configuring landing page messages, and registration URL to a childcare program.  

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Setup > Online Enrollment Flow 

2. Online Enrollment

On the Online Enrollment tab, you define the enrollment flow of your center, preference recording the Parent Hand Book, configuring existing family change requests, and setting the confirmation email distributions. 

Enrollment Offer (center Initiated): After the parent requested the program, the center processes the request and decides the appropriate action.

Direct Enrollment (Parent Initiated ): Parents will enroll themselves using the URL provided to them directly. 

If your center is configured with a Parent Hand Book using Online Forms Module, then the uploaded Parent Hand Book will be auto-populated when you select the 'Yes' radio button for the 'Allow Parents to Download and Review' option. If not, you need to upload 'Parent Hand Book' using the 'Add ' button

The parent handbook will be displayed on the online enrollment flow based on the enrollment start and end dates.  

2.1. Enrollment Fees

The main aim of the 'Enrollment Fees' tab in the Online Enrollment Flow Setup is to help you create various fees for the program (Registration Fees, Prepay, Security Deposit, and Other Fees) while preparing the enrollment offer. 

Once the parent accepted the enrollment, the fees created here will be moved to the child billing.

Note : Earlier Other Fees didn't have separate billing cycle, it was combined with the regular billing cycle. Now 1Core has configured the Other Fees with separate billing cycle option.

2.2. Discount

1Core has introduced new Discount options which allow you to provide different kinds of discounts to the parents on your programs. 

If the center has any preset discounts in the billing set up those will be auto-populated here. You can use those discounts or you can add new discounts using the 'Add Discounts' option.

2.3. Messages

The Messages tab contains the text editor options of several user messages ( Welcome Message, Program Overview text, Online Application Header text, Acknowledgement text ).

Welcome Message will be displayed on the home page of the landing page from which the parents accept the program enrollment. 

2.4. Enrollment URL

The Enrollment URL tab contains the URL for the online application of the center's program. Parents can use this URL to enroll in a program in the center.