You can add a new inquiry manually on behalf of a parent using the company dashboard.

For companies with multiple centers, you can choose the desired center while adding a new inquiry.

After selecting the center, you need to enter the details of the parent and child in the inquiry form.


On the process page, you can define the desired action for this inquiry form. 

'Add a New Inquiry Only' :

You can use this option to make a new inquiry without any additional actions such as 'Tour' and 'Waitlist'. The inquiry added using the option on the later stage can be converted into a 'Tour Request' or 'Waitlist' request. 


Add Inquiry and Schedule/invite to tour:

This option allows you to add an inquiry and subsequently schedule a tour for the parent(s). Here, you have two options, 

1. You can schedule a tour for the parents directly

2. Send an invite to the parents

Scheduling the 'Tour' directly on behalf of the parents :

Using this option, you can directly select a slot for the parent(s) to tour. 

Invite the Parents by email to schedule a tour on their own :

Using this option, you're sending an email invite to the parents via that they can choose their comfortable time slot for the tour from the available tour slots. 

Add Inquiry and invite to join Waitlist:

By selecting this option, you can do two things, 

1. You can directly add the parent to the waitlist by yourself


2. You can send an invite to the parent to join the waitlist

Add This Family to the Waitlist directly

You can add a family directly to the 'Waitlist' on behalf of the parents. 

if your company collects any waitlist fee then you can do any one of the following two things, 

1. You can waive the waitlist fee


2. You can send an email to the parent(s) to collect the waitlist fee. 

If you wish to send just an invite to the parents to join the waitlist, select the 'Invite the parents by email to join the waitlist' option from the 'Process' page and send the invite to the parent(s).