After getting the inquiry into the CRM, the next step is to reach the parents for follow-ups. To do the follow-up, you can use 'CRM Task' to assign follow-up tasks to Company Admin/Admin/Super Users

Access Path : Center Dashboard > CRM > Menu > Tasks


Select the lead/inquiry from the available lead/inquiry list. You can filter the list using the 'Process Type' drop-down.

 Enter the details asked in the 'Add a Task' pop-up.

Respond - Task:

After the assigned task is completed by the assignee, you can update the task with the 'Mark as Completed' tag by using the 'Action' button. You can also edit/delete the assigned task using the action button. 

While marking a task as 'Completed', you will be asked with a pop-up message if you need any further follow-up on this task.

 If you select 'yes' for the pop-up message, you can add another follow-up to this task. If you select 'No' then this task will be moved to the 'Completed' tab.