Once the inquiry form is completed by the parent or an inquiry is made through the CRM by the director, you will be able to view those inquiries in the 'New' tab under 'Inbound'.

Access Path : Center Dashboard > CRM > Inbound > New

Note: Inquiries that are 24 hours old will be indicated by a bright yellow color before the parent's name. Inquiries that are 48 hours old will be indicated by a red color. Fresh inquiries will not have any indication before the parent's name.

Add - Note and call log details : 

You can add 'Note' and 'Call Log' to the inquiry details using the 'View Inquiry' page.  

Respond - Inquiry

After creating a new inquiry, you can do the following:

1. Schedule/Invite Tour

2. Add/Invite to Join Waitlist

3. Directly Enroll

4. Send Enrollment Offer

5. Move to Decline Repository


Once a 'Next Stage' or 'Task/note' is added, the status of the inquiry will change from 'New' to 'Responded', and the inquiry will be moved from the 'New' tab to the 'Responded' tab.