Once after the parent fills the sent 'Tour Request' or Director schedule tour on behalf of the parent, the inquiry comes to the 'Scheduled' tab under the 'Tour' section. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > CRM > Tour > Scheduled 

To update the status of the scheduled tour , select the 'View Tour' icon present at the right end of the parent request.


Selecting the 'View Tour' icon will open the tour details page from where you can update the status of the scheduled tour. 

The available next stages for the scheduled tour are

1. Reschedule - On the request of the parent or due to any particular reason, you can reschedule the tour.

2. Update Tour Status - Tour Completed or No Show

3.Add/Invite to Join Waitlist - Using this option, you can either add the parent directly to the waitlist or send an invite to them to join the waitlist. 

4.Send Enrollment Offer - You can use this option to directly send an enrollment offer to the parent.

5. Move to Decline repository - you can decline the tour request and subsequently move the request to the 'Decline Repository'.

Rescheduling the request 

Update Tour Status

Add/Invite to Join Waitlist