CRM module has three reports at the company level to provide comprehensive and important insights on the referral source, task and performance status, and Tour decline reasons. These reports will help you to improve the customer relations and communications of your company. 

Task Status and Performance Report

This report helps you to know about the 'Task details', 'Task leads','Status of the assigned tasks', and break up of Assignee's performance. 

'How did you hear about us' - Report

This report is all about the referral source of your inquiries that are collected from the 'inquiry', 'schedule', and 'waitlist' forms from the parents. It is very helpful for you to increase and improve your company's marketing and advertisements. 

Decline Reason Reports

This report provides the details about the decline reason stated by the parents when they decline the 'Tour Schedules'. Further this report gives the details of 'Age Group percentage children','reference source of the parents' and details of the parents who declined the tours.