1. 1Core Class App

1.1. Name to Face

In many states, it's mandatory to perform "Name-to-Face" checks regularly to ensure all children are accounted for. 1Core now provides "Name-to-Face" checks on its 1Core Class App. 

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1.2. Sign In/Out to Check In/Out

1Core has changed the feature names of 'Sign In/Out' to 'Check In/Out" on the 1Core Class App. 

1.3. Addition -  Absence Tab

In the new 'Absence' tab, you'll be able to view the list of children who are all absent for that day. The absence that was marked on the child time card page using the 'Record Absence' option is reflected here.

If a child was marked absent but checked in to the center today, you can mark their presence by clicking the 'Check In' button on the child profile. 

1.4. Show Children in the Other Classroom

Earlier, on the Classroom screen, you were able to see unscheduled children under a label named 'Other Children' without their assigned classroom details. Now, 1Core has provided classroom details for the 'Other Children' section and changed the section name to 'Show children in Other Classrooms'. 

By default, the 'Show Children in Other Classrooms' will be in collapsed mode. You need to click the 'Show Children in Other Classrooms' button to view the list of children in other classrooms. 



1.5. UI Changes in the Contact Person 

 1Core has changed the Contact Person section of the child profile in the Class App. This enhanced 'Contact Person' section will display the picture, email, contact number, and status of the contact person (Authorized /Emergency).

2. Family App

2.1. Enhancement in Quick Login Code

To improve the security features of the Family app, 1Core has increased the length of the Quick Login code from 4 to 6 characters. Once you update the family app from your Google Playstore/Apple Appstore, you will be asked to set 6 digit Quick Login code.

Note: You can use the 'Don't use Quick Login Code Setup' checkbox to remove the Quick Login code from your account.

2.2. Contact Person

1Core has added a new option 'Contact Person' in the 1Core Family app under the family menu. You can use this 'Contact Person' option to add Authorized/Emergency/Additional contacts to a child(ren).

Once the contact person is added, you will be able to view that person on the 'Contact Person' page.

2.3. Add - Child Profile Picture

Earlier, you were only able to upload child profile pictures through the 1Core Web and 1Core Class App. Now, parents can also add their child's picture using family app account.