You can add a 'New Staff' to your center using the 'Staff' module of 1Core. To create a staff profile, you may need staff's personal information, training & certifications, medical & emergency details, schedules, and classroom details. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Staff > Add New 

If you provide the 'Virtual Classes - Learn@Home' feature to your children, you can designate the staff as 'Virtual Instructor' using the virtual instructor radio button.  

You can also choose the staff's lesson plan approval here, using the Lesson Plan Approval Required radio button. 

If 'Yes' is chosen - Lesson Plans made by this staff 'needs' approval from the approver. 

If 'No' is chosen - Lesson Plans made by this staff will automatically be published without any approval. 

You can upload staff's training and certifications here,

For the immunization info, enter the date of the immunization on the text boxes. You can customize the 'Immunization Information' using the 'Immunization Setup'.  

The center information and staff schedule information can be recorded at the bottom of the staff profile page.