To add a schedule for a staff member, you must select the 'Staff Schedule' option from the staff module. By doing so, you can ensure your center's program functions seamlessly with the required staff, avoiding any confusion over the staff schedule.

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Staff > Select a Staff > Staff Schedule

Assigning a classroom :

Select the Edit icon next to the 'Assigned Classroom' to add/edit the classroom for the selected staff. 

Staff Absence : 

If you want the staff absence to be automatically checked based on their sign-in/out records for the day, select 'No' or leave the check box unchecked for the 'Do not check for absence' option. 

However, if you check the 'Do not check for absence' option, then the absence will not be marked for the staff automatically.

Add Schedule :

You can create a schedule from scratch or choose from available templates. 1Core provides three staff schedule templates (AM/ Full Day / PM)  for centers to work on. But centers can also create their own templates (Article: Staff Schedule Templates)

Fill out the schedule in the Add Schedule pop-up,

Along with your current schedule, you can also have your future schedules as 'Upcoming Schedules' on your staff schedule page. 

The end date for the current program will be automatically updated once we add a future schedule.