This “Family Information Sheet/ Family Notes Report” generates two distinct reports,

  • The Family Information Sheet contains all family-related details, including parent and child information, allergies, special diets, hospital and doctor information, emergency contacts, and more.
  • The Family Notes Report complies all the notes added to the family profile.
Access Path: Center Dashboard > Reports > Family Information Sheet/Family Notes Report

Family Information Sheet

The report is generated based on the information provided in the family profile.

By default, the family and child status will be active, you can also change the status.

If you selected the family information sheet, 

You can also include or exclude these filters in the report.

  •  Print Child Questions
  •  Print Child Address
  •  Print Restricted Person details
  •  Print Child Photo
  • Print Doctor Information
  •  Print Additional Information
  • Print Immunization Information

Family Notes Report 

Any information added to the family profile will be displayed in this report.

Finally, you will receive the family notes report based on the selected category.