1. New Feature: Re-Enrollment Campaign


Re-enrollment is a challenge for the childcare centers. 1Core Solution has introduced a new feature called 'Re-enrollment', to simplify the process.

This feature helps the center to build relationships with existing families and makes it easier for the director to know parents' decisions regarding the re-enrolling of their child in the center.

1.1 Create a Re-Enrollment Campaign


The re-enrollment campaign offers to send an invitation to the parent and get the confirmation of their interest to re-enroll at the center. 

Follow the steps below, to create a new re-enrollment campaign.

Access Path: Center Dashboard > CRM

Step 1: Fill in the necessary details which are mandatory for creating a new campaign.

  • By Program 

The ‘By Program’ option allows parents to select a preferred program based on the child’s age group at the time of re-enrollment. Through this option, the center receives the parent's confirmation for the re-enrollment invitation, along with their preferred program.


For instance, if the child is an ‘Infant Toddler’ in the upcoming age group and if the parent selects ‘I’m Interested’ option, they will be redirected to view the list of programs suitable for infant toddlers. 


  • By Program Schedule Days

The ‘By Program Schedule Days’ option allows parents to select their preferred schedule days. Through this option, the center receives the parent's confirmation for the re-enrollment invitation, along with their preferred days.

Step 2: Select the children to whose parents you want to send the re-enrollment campaign invitation. 


Use the filter icon to sort the children based on their age group.

Upcoming Age Group: The upcoming age group depends on the child’s age at the time of re-enrollment.


For example, there are two age groups: Infant (1-12 months) and Toddler (13-36 months).

If a child is an infant in the current year and becomes 16 months old during the re-enrollment process, they will be moved into the toddler age group. 

Note: The Child's upcoming age group will be automatically displayed based on the child's age at the time of re-enrollment or you may select the age group from the 'Select Age Group' drop-down list.


Step 3A template with a default email message is displayed to send the re-enrollment campaign invitation to the parent.


Step 4Confirm and send it to the parents.


1.2 Parent Response


Parents will receive an email invitation. In response to this email, parents can confirm their availability and re-enroll their child in the center.

1.2.1   I’m Interested

If the parent is interested in re-enrolling their child in the center, they can select the ‘I’m Interested’ option.

On selecting the 'I'm Interested' option, they will be redirected to the page displayed below.

  • By Program - Re-enrollment invite


This page will list the specific program based on the child’s upcoming age group. Parents can select the desired program for their child, to re-enroll in the center.

  • By Program Schedule Days - Re-enrollment invite


In this page, parents can select the preferred days in the re-enrollment period.

Once the parent submits the re-enrollment form, a notification email will be sent to the Director and the parent. 

The Registration fees and charges will be posted to the Parent ledger, if they had made the payment.

Note: If the parent already has a funding account, they can use the same to pay the registration fee. Else they will be redirected to create a funding account.

1.2.2  Not Interested

If the parent is not interested in re-enrollment, they can select the 'Not interested' option.

On selecting the 'Not Interested' option, they will be redirected to the page displayed below and they can enter the reason for not re-enrolling in the center.

Once the parent submits the response, both director and parent will receive an E-mail notification.

1.3 Re-Enrollment Campaign Dashboard


1.3.1 Interested

When parents accept the invitation, the child will come under the ‘Interested’ category and the Director can send the enrollment offer.

1.3.2 Not Interested


If parents select 'Not Interested', the child is categorized as 'Not Interested' and the director can update the withdrawal date for the child, which will be displayed in the child's profile.

1.3.3 No Action


If the center does not get any response for the re-enrollment invitation from parents, they will be categorized under 'No Action'. The director may send reminders to those parents as a follow up.

2. New Feature: Child and Staff Attendance Summary Report 


The main objective of this report is to provide the total number of staff and the total number of children signed in the center for the day. This will help to view the details of staff and child attendance at the center, at an instance.

Access Path: Company Dashboard > Reports > Child and Staff Attendance Summary Report

You can view the timecard entries for both staff and children, as well as where they logged in, using the time clock and classroom movement.

3. Enhancement: Option to collect Staff Qualification in the Staff Schedule

1Core has introduced a new field called ‘Staff Qualification’ on the Staff Schedule page. This enhancement will be helpful to assign the right staff, based on their qualification. 


To add/edit staff qualification, click on the add/edit icon next to the ‘Staff Qualification’ header in the staff schedule page. 

Access Path: Center Dashboard > Staffing > Staff Schedule

4. Enhancement: View all Funding Account Information


Now the director has the provision to view all the active funding accounts of the parent.

Access Path: Center Dashboard > Families > Family Profile

5. Enhancement: Child Profile Updates


Now, the child's information is split into two parts: ‘Profile’ and ‘Enrollment’. The profile has the basic information, and the Enrollment section has the enrollment details of a child. This feature helps you to view the enrollment start date, the withdrawn date and reason. 

Access Path: Center Dashboard > Children

6.Enhancement:  Rollcall Sheet Report 


An option is included to add additional rows at the bottom of each section of the report.

This will help you to enter the details of other children.

Access Path: Center Dashboard > Reports > Rollcall Sheet

7. Enhancement: CRM – Send Enrollment Offer


Earlier, the director had two steps to send an enrollment offer in the CRM. First, they had to create a new inquiry, and then send the enrollment offer. 


Now 1Core has provided a new option. In the CRM landing page, there is a 'Send Enrollment Offer’ option. By choosing this, the director can send enrollment offer to an existing family / new family, without creating new Inquiries.

Access Path: Company Dashboard > CRM

8. Enhancement: Change Request - Send Enrollment Offer


Now, the director can send the enrollment offer for existing children through the Change Request tab.

Access Path: Center Dashboard > Program Enrollment