1Core now allow the parents to use their outstanding credit balances at the time of camp payments. 

Parents can directly use their credit balance to adjust their camp payments, at the time of enrolling for a camp from their family portal.

In order for the parents to have the credit applied during camp enrollment, the center director has to enable the credit balance adjustment option from the camp setup menu. 

Center Dashboard

Select the 'Yes' option to allow parents to use their credit balance for their camp payments. 

Family Portal


View - Credit Adjustments Details On The Camp Module

Admin users can view the adjusted credit balances on the camp module under the 'Process Registration' page.

Access Path: Center Dashboard > Quick links (9 dots menu)  > Process Registration  

Select the 'Action' button from the "Pending/Incomplete/Approved" camp process registrations, you will get to see the credit adjustment made/requested by the parents for camp payments.