This feature helps you to manage the agency payment posting, especially the Under/OverPayment situations. The rules for this agency posting can be configured using the options available in the company level setup (Agency Payment Automatic Application Rule). 

This feature is helpful to clear individual agency charges rather than clearing the whole ledger. You can pick and choose a specific billing in a list of pending bills to clear.

Access Path: Center Dashboard > Functions > Agency Payment Posting with Automatic Application

After changing the 'Payment' amount to as same as the 'Check Amount', you need to select the 'Calculate Total' button to proceed further.

For OverPayment :

True Up:

If you chose 'True-Up' as your option for the 'OverPayment' process then the excessive additional amount will be automatically categorized as 'True-Up'.

Posted True-Up in the Ledger :

Subsidy Credit / Parent Credit :

Note : By enabling both 'Transfer to Parent Ledger as a Credit' and 'Maintian as Agency Credit' at the company level setup, you will be able to post the excessive additional amount in Parent Ledger credit or in Agency Credit or you can split the amount between subsidy and parent ledger credit.

Posted Subsidy / Parent Credit in the Ledger :

For UnderPayment:

If you chose 'Write-Off' as your option for the 'UnderPayment' process then the difference will be automatically categorized as 'Write-Off' (The same rule will apply for 'Transfer to Parent Ledger').

Note : If you chose 'Do Not Apply Automatically' in the Agency Payment Automatic Application page (at company level) then you will be able to adjust the difference manually here in the 'Agency Payment Posting With Automatic Application' page.