This feature helps you to process 'Agency Payments' using an Excel sheet. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Functions > Agency Batch Payment

After downloading the Excel sheet, you need to enter the agency payment details for the outstanding family bills. The excel should have the details of subsidized families that have outstanding balances. 

You can do subsidy credit, parent credit, transfer, adjustment, and payment using this excel sheet.

Once you have filled the excel sheet, Select the 'Step 2' button on the 'Agency Payment/ Transfer/ Credit / Adjustment Posting page to upload the filled excel sheet.

After uploading the excel sheet, select the 'Step 3' button to move to the 'Review and Submit' page.

After checking the details on the review page, select the 'Next' button to move to the next page.


On the final page, select the 'Post to Ledger' button to post the billing into the family ledger. 

On the Ledger Page: 

Check Amount $147 (Underpayment with $50 Transfer & $25 Adjustment)