You can post the Agency Billing for a child in three different ways. They are

1. Post Ledger Way

2. Add New Program / Add New Recurring Program  

3. Agency Batch Billing 

Post Ledger 

In this method, you can post an agency billing/subsidy for a child using the Ledger Records. 

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Ledger > Select a Family 

On the 'Post Ledger Item' pop-up, select the 'Agency' from the Ledger drop-down.

Fill all the necessary details in the relevant boxes and choose the 'Transaction Type' and 'Child' from the respective drop-downs.

After entering the details, select the 'Post' button to post the subsidy.

Posted Agency Billing in the Ledger List

2. Add New Program / Add New Recurring Program:

You can add a 3rd Party (Agency) Billing using the 'Add Program'  and 'Add New Recurring Billing' options available on the program and billing page.

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Children > Program & Billing 


Add Program :

On the 'Add Child Program' page, select the Age Group, Program, and Program End Date.

After adding the program to the child, you need to enter the 'Fees' details and select the 'Subsidy' status of the Selected Program for the child.

Added Agency Billing,

Add New Recurring Billing:

On the Add Child Recurring Billing pop-up, select the 'Billing Type'.

On the next page, Enter all relevant details and select the 'Ledger Type' as 'Agency'.

Successfully Posted 3rd Party Recurring Billing :


Agency Batch Billing:

This feature allows you to post 3rd party (Agency) billing for multiple families/children as a batch billing.

Access Path : Center Dashboard > Functions > Agenct Batch Billing

After selecting the agency, family, and child status, select the 'Submit' button to move to the next page.

On the second page, select the posting date, transaction type, description, amount, and family/children (from the list at the bottom).

Note : The amount that you have specified in the 'Amount' text box is same for each of the selected family. For example - Here, $600 is set as the 'Amount' and each family receive the same $600 against their standing balance.  


Successfully processed Agency Batch Billing on the Ledger Page :